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A Torrent That Might Be Of Interest.

If you don't have a torrentbits account, here's a paste

Info hash 8ff5d42112211b8b7ab5454923c8e0a67c20257a
Description date: June 19th, 2004
os: WinXXX
size: 30x15MB


Total Textures v7 is a collection of Science Fiction
textures that has taken 6 experienced profession artists
over 1 year to hand paint!

The textures range from star maps and exterior spaceship
textures to decals and damage maps. In the case of textures
such as decals, there are included alpha-mapped TIFF files

Specular Maps are also available for many textures and
of course we have made custom bump maps for every texture.

Many of the maps have been supplied 3 times in 3 different
stages of degradation - clean, dirty and rusted and many
of the maps follow on in a themes to enable the texturing
of many objects with different textures yes continuity of style.

There is too much bonus material to mention, but alpha maps
come into play, planet surfaces and hi-res star fields can
also be found not to mention the wealth
of content in the tutorial sections!

For more info go to:

Thanks to pmow for seeding :)
Type Appz/PC ISO
Last seeder Last activity 0:31 ago
Size 427.13 MB (447,882,999 bytes)
i'm downloading this now cuz it'll only be up there another ~90 hrs. When it's done i'll seed it in azureus for anyone that wants it.

Hit me in chan. 
u rok, thanks 
"custom Bump Maps For Every Texture" 
Oh christ, the engine abusers are going to have a field day with this one. 
This is nice, but I think this should�ve been in the GA. 
Wow Nice Tex 
monsto you rock hard! 
Can't Get It 
Trying to download it, but it's stuck at 300mb due to lack of seeders. 
try opening a wider ranger of ports, you might not be able to connect w/ other seeds 
The problem was that there was only 1 seeder and 1 leecher (me). I opened up the suggested range of ports, which is several thousand wide, so that's probably not the problem. 
I still don't have the file. I guess I'll nudge monsto on IRC. 
Local Tracker 
I've set up a tracker on my home box using azureus plugin shizzle.

get the torrent join the swarm. if you don't know what torrents are or how they work but you want this shit the read

that is all 
Volume 13 
anybody got vol 13? 
Sounds Like A Useful Link... 
...but next time post this in the general abuse thread. 
How did i totally miss this thread the first time around? 
Since when do you talk about Warez in such a way here? 
Futile Anyway In Regards To The 'Total Texture' Sets 
I'm sure that the company that puts them out looks through the mod communities for the bigger games with a fine toothed comb to see if anyone lifted a bump or diffuse map.

Of course, I don't know this for sure, but anyone who put out a popular map using some textures from those sets probably should make sure they bought them in case they get an e-mail from the company. 
Oh I See. 
I didn't realize these textures were commercial. Yeah, this thread should have been killed at the time. 
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