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PlanetQuake LotW For July 20th
PlanetQuake has updated their LotW with two new reviews, featuring PuLSaR's new map Menkalinan, and Speedy's She Has Leaks. Check the reviews!


She Has Leaks:
Congrats To Both Authors 
These are really great maps.

BTW, PuLSaR: I found the secret exit in your map! :) It didn't take long after I knew to look for it. 
I Love This Game! 
I love bouth! waypoints for She Has Leaks in progress! 
congrats to both authors!
thx to both reviewers! 
good to see more reviews!
does every post in this thread require an exclamation mark!! 
Yes! It si teh lawr!

Cool reviews btw. You make PQ actually look highly articulate for a little while. 
Good Stuff 
but blitz uses the word 'map' too often in his review imo 
Apparently, Zwiffle Prefers The Word "Fap" 
Q3 Textures For Leaks 
Get a copy of leaks2 (Q3 version of this map) and extract the textures. Convert them to .png for Fuhquake/Joequake. Use Texmex for Leaks and you'll see the filenames you need. You have to rename Q3's 'blend' textures to Q1's 'luma'. Sp0item_luma and SSp1item_luma were the ones. 
When I clicked on those links to the reviews, I started to see the familiar brown and grey colors of PQ load on the screen and my first reaction was '404!! :((' ...but it wasn't a 404, something was actually on PQ! it was 2 great reviews! keep it up 
Ohh Yaaa 
yeah! My very old dream has finally come true!
Thanks, RPG! I still can't believe it. Great review! 
Blitz, you rock :D

nice secret :D 
Ha! I Wondered Why There Were So Many Paragraphs 
he still uses the word map too much 
Agreed. Dunno why that happened... 
Great Stuff 
great maps from both of you, and good reviews

It's heartwarming to see pq lotw show up again...

...It would be so nice to dig into past forgotten gems that didn't receive such honor but most certainly deserved it.

anyways, keep up the good work all of you 
Nice Work 
genius secret by blitz there.

/me goes to check all RPG's reviews for the megasecret �_� 
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