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New Quake 2 Deathmatch Map
A new Quake 2 map has arrived along with some new style for the old girl!

The new map is named Solar Winds and is the result of a co-op approach to mapping by Panzer and Jester who for the purposes of this project will use the title Neal&Bob. The style is something not seen too often in Quake 2 mapping if at all with it's minimalistic approach in regards to textures (only 3 textures were used in the map) leaving the authors to focus more on gameplay, brush creation and just a touch of abstract artwork in the form of animated weapon and teleporter pads.

If you're looking for something new for Quake 2, look no further! It's arrived in the form of "Solar Winds by Neal&Bob" and can be found at:

Here's a pic:
whoa! from the pic it looks fucked up shit! sucks i dont have q2 installed. :( 
rather original texturing there, and that moving weapon pads design is very nice.
also i liked custom sounds.
good map. 
This map crashes my exe (my editied one and stock q2 one) whenever I try to play it. Any ideas why? 
Can you give me some more info? It might also have been a bad file transfer as I haven't had anyone else say it has crashed their system. 
Sorta Working 
I got it to work in Quak2Max but still not my or normal quake2 engine. I set up deicated server and the client connected and then crashed. It loads everything and then crashes. 
I had someone from backshooters say the map showed some problems when run in a Unix/Linux style environment. It was a problem with the bsp name having caps in it...could this be the case? Maybe one of the files has a cap in it somewhere. I'm pretty sure I eliminated that problem though... 
I think it might be MSVC screwing with stuff but its probably just my computer being bad. Seems like an isolated incident. 
No Idea 
It isn't the graphics dll's and it isn't sound, I'm thinking it might be a ram issue but it just terminates as soon as the client inits, it probably doesn't some of the stuff on the map. Oh yeah, it didn't work on 2 pc's at my house. Time to get a new pc. 
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