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...I would've thought your last three posts were an elegant argument not to kill this thread. 
Bees (and their pathetic non kamikaziing brethren wasps) scare the hell out of me.

Everyone seems to have at least one allergy except me. However I have never been stung.

Thus I have surmised my one weakness must be a bee sting waiting to creep up on me. 
Bees can only sting once before they die (their stinger gets detached from their body and stuck in the body of animal/person being sting, thus causing very serious damage to the bee itself). So it was some other insect in your case. 
On A Related Note 
Has Vondur posted his hornet videos/pictures yet? 
On A Related Note 
Do we want him to? o.0

Royal Jelly 
I eat 2kg of Royal Jelly per week. Just to let you know, I am now ordering 100kg fresh, frozen royal jelly from XinXiang City FengJing Apicultural Co, Ltd in China for an excellent price.
Damn Worker Drones 
You can get the same benefits by simply eating people who eat royal jelly. As a side benefit, you might reduce the number of cocksockets who resurrect year-old threads. 

I Hate This Thread And Everyone In It. 
Including me. 
Cocksocket Indeed 
I'm definitely going to have to use that one next time I'm at a bar.

Me: Hey babe, want me to plug into your cocksocket?
/me gets a knee to the groin and falls to the floor groaning
Me: whoa, I can see your cocksocket from here...
Me: whoa, I can see your cocksocket from here...

That's the way to accept defeat with dignity! 
yup, just checked, and this is still the best thread here on func. 
Brazilian Propolis 
I would like to offer Brazilian Propolis raw material, as per below:

- Brown Propolis
- Green Propolis
- Propolis extract powder in 1,0 kg bag
- Propolis extract liquid, 30 ml and 1000 ml
- Propolis in tablets 50g
- Dehydrated Bee pollen in 1 kg and 100 g
- Raw Royal jelly 20g
- Bee was in 1 kg

If you have any question, please let me know.

Best Regards,

Jackson Franca
JFranca Agente de Negocios Internacionais
Curitiba � Brazil - Phone / Fax 5541 3252-4037 - Cell 5541 9632-3428 - - Skype: jackson.franca 
remind me to add some sort of spam button so i don't have to go into the database to blank out these posts. 
I had to Google "propolis" but that is really funny that this thread has some how attracted not one, but two different, completely sincere bee peddlers 
at least this was on topic spam... 
will be thrilled 
We Still Need That BEES Icon. 
What We Really Need 
is RAINBOW icon! 
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