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Ninemil-ctf3 - Draconian Measures
After 3 intensive days mapping I'm happy to say [b]ninemil-ctf3[/b] - Draconian Measures is finally ready for proper testing. Currently best suited to Promode NTF games since I'm yet to place any ammo boxes, the current build is up and available <a href="">
here</a>, and installed on Sweltop (, the Jizz clan server ( pass Jizz) and the CGA clan server ( pass cgaplay) for play testing games.

<img border="0" src="" width="640" height="480"></center>

There's a fair list of changes and tweaks on the Promode forums (here) already, but if anything springs to mind, be sure to drop me a line and I'll get it added to the next compile. This build is pretty much stable for the rest of the week, unless sommit major comes up.:)


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Bah, Should've Read The Faq :P 
There's A FAQ? 
Map betas go in the screenshot thread, not as new threads. 
scampie speaks the truth 
wtf game is this for? quake3 isn't the most popular here, so it'd be a good idea to specify. 
scampie speaks the truth again 
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