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New Q2 Map From Jester
Jester has released a new Q2DM map called BuzzKill, looks very cool with rain effects and Lunaran's lun3dm2 textures.

Get it at Jester's site
And view screenshots here

VoreLord posted this in GA, figured it's plenty worthy of News.
Excellant Map! 
awesome look, the rain was well placed, layout is nice and speedy. good work :D

only things I didn't like personally were the blue lights... felt you should have made some more pronouced color come from them, plus the way to get the railgun just seems odd... it'd be annoying to miss that ramp jump in a deathmatch setting, and it's easy to miss for people playing it the first time. both small issues, but felt I should mention them. Very good work :D

now when are you going to make a q3 map? or will you be moving to doom3? you certainly seem to have the talent to do it. 
Rain In Q2? 
Custom engine? 
Excellent Map! 
awesome look, the rain was well placed, layout is nice and speedy. good work :D

only things I ................... bleh, I agree with Scampie, except maybe for the railgun bit, I liked that, but he may be right about first timers in a deathmatch, although it only took a second to work it out.

Quake 3 map, yes, it would be good to see some of that. Doom3, lets hope we see a lot of the Quake mappers make the move, bal, czg, ztn, Vondur, etc, etc, not mention any names.

Rain In Q2?
Custom engine?
No, it's there in normal old Quake II engine

Great Work Jester, A1, 2 thumbs up 
Really nice work on the atmosphere and ambience. Not a fan of jump pads myself, but they are tastefully used here.

Keep up the good work. 
Well Done! 
Nice rain effect! The rain sound annoyed me a bit, though. It sounded like it was splashing in lots of puddles of water, but there were no puddles (and rightly so). It's a nit pick, but a different rain sound would have enhanced it for me.

I really liked the theme. Only two complaints here--one is that the damaged light fixture at the RG was the only damaged architecture in the whole map, and thus looked out of place. The second is that the light fixtures around the edge of the roof in the outdoor areas weren't very noticeable because they used the same texture as the surrounding trim. A contrasting texture would have really helped there, IMO.

I don't really have any comments on the gameplay since I only looked around, but it seems to me that jumppads wouldn't really work in such small confines. I dunno, though.

Overall, definitely a cool map. Good job! 
Nice One 
the map looks very nice but i dont play quake2 :( maby one of these day you could make a version to Quake1 eheh fuhquake alows the textures that y put to this map :p nice one good work, the game play seams to be also very cool 
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