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She Has Leaks For Quake 3
Q3 map, made from my 'She Has Leaks' q1 level.
I`v made new texture set for it. Its rather small for q3, but plays fine (nightmare bots own it.)

Looks quite nice from the screenies.

Too lazy and tired to install Q3 now tho. I will take a look at it in-game later. 
Title? What Title? 
Blackpope and I just had a few games on this and it is a rather schweet lil tourney.
It could have done with maybe one less teleporter, but that's just me. The item load is well balanced, and the textures are superb ( nice skybox too ).

Bp owned me, btw ;) 
re-downloaded Contract Revoked. GOnna have me some fun once I get home from work :D

I would play this Q3 map, if I had a PC capable of running it and Q3. 
1000 Words 
It's easier to take a screenshot than describe it.

Everything up there kicks ass. 
I've never known the Q3 bots own anything (on any skill level). 
Nonentity many bot matches have you played?

Try Xaero, on Nightmare. In q3tourney6.
See how many steps you can take when you respawn... 
deny hime the rail and xaero nightmare is useless.

BTW, speedy havent had a proper game yet but a lot of the brushwork gets in the way and the lighting could have been a lot better IMHO, did you change it from q1 leaks? But like q1 leaks, nice ceiling designs though. 
Leaks Vs. Leaks2 
Hmm, I finally came around playing this one with some bots. Somehow I like the Q1 version of it way better, it's somehow more fast... 
up the gamma if you get it too dark
I dunno what settings ppl have, but the map is brighter than hub3tourney1
I know its kinda small for q3 if you hop around, there should be nothing particualr that blocks the movment tho 
I calibrated my monitor brightness and set the in game brightness to a little above default, leaks2 comes off as a little dark IMO. 
Haven't played it yet; let you know how it rolls when I do. 
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