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Quake Coagula Contest 2!
What!? The second Quake Coagula Contest. Coagula maps are maps made floating in a space void. If you want to download the first Coagula Contest to get some inspiration, ideas, make sure you understand what a coagula map is... then click this link:

When!? From Now: Dec 28th 2002 - Until March 1st 2003 (all maps must be sent to me by March 1st, 2003).

Rules!? Not many really. Map has to be a Coagula Map! Maps MUST be singleplayer as a minimum, deathmatch is optional. However, I am going to judge them based on there singleplayer gameplay aspect only. All maps must have a readme with them. maps should be playable in standard software and glquake.

Theme!? You can build in any theme you want, use custom textures etc etc ... coagula maps are all about using your imagination, the deliberately surreal setting should inspire you. Download the coagula contest pack above, as already mentioned, if you need more ideas.

etc. The pack with be released on March 2nd. Your map MUST be finished and sent to me by March 1st. If you plan to make a map, please post here, or somehow tell me so I can be sure of who and who not to expect maps from. I want every who maps to get their map into the pack.

Discuss kthx.

(note: this has been reposted from Qmap3, (for the original thread, see ), as people seem to be moving/posting here now.)
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can you edit the links in the above post so they work, please. 
Slightly Concerned 
I've started a little something I call Shaft, partly inspired by a drawing by H R Giger that I saw years ago. It's basically a huge (768x768x2048) square tube, with a few side chambers.

Would something like that be suitable for the contest? 
i know the drawing, and i considered making a level from it long ago. I never was confident that it would look good in quake, though. Good luck. 
Fat Controller 
Yes, i will allow it to be suitable, just because its you. =)

the concept sounds relatively unique in terms of quake mapping and also very interesting. 
Well, OK, But... 
I've never been able to find the bloody image since. So, whatever I come up with won't be all that biomechanoid, I don't think.

(Hang on... Lemme get Pox's tex out again...) 
the 'shafts' series of pictures wasn't biomechanical at all. At least, the actual architecture wasn't -- i found a picture here that has some organic stuff IN the shafts, but not really part of it:

here's a totally unrelated page: 
I would like to step in for a sec here and clarify something. Excerpt from the Coagula3 text file "The creation
of these levels follows in the same vein as that of the gameplay. The maps themselves are
an excercise in spontaneous creative impulse. I simply sat down and drew a quick sketch
of the map, found some textures that inspired me, and threw down brushes. Perhaps the maps
aren't as detailed as some of my other work, but the sheer impulsive creative energy that
went into these maps has inspired much of my other more polished work. For me these maps
stand as a testament to taking some risks and doing things that might not be the standard."

Essentially anything with a void beneath it, and dm starts, and a non-traditional theme-concept behind the construction would be a coagula style map. The key is quick....I think I spent about 2 weeks working each time. It might show in some cases....but that quick loose slapping down of brushes, was fullfilling. I guess I would say that I consider Coagula maps to be more like quick sketches one would throw down in their sketch book.

I don't know if that helps any of you....but I am excited to see the results of the contest. I really enjoyed the first go around. 
Damn Carriage Returns! 
sorry about the formatting. 
interesting ideas and concepts.

so......any chance of the creator of the concept entering the contest? you still have 6 weeks or so to march 1st.

Anything to drag you out of your Q1 mapping retirement. ;)

Although i remember looking at your old website and you talking about how busy you are now with school/learning new stuff. 
No...I Won't Be Doing Q1 Mapping Anymore Sorry. 
Unfortunately my Q1 mapping days are over. So I won't be contributing anything to the contest. Too many other things going on with school and all. 
good stuff :) 
I likes the looks of it! 
Thumbs Up Necros! 
and the usage of textures are in places quite innovative (at least to me..) 
tell me its inspired by the mine set in indiana jones. oh, it isnt...ok but is there a coal cart (or whatever its called) on tracks that dissapear in a black hole?

no? bwaaaa...sigh! bwaaaaaaa....

post a screenshot of the opposite side. would be interesting. 
I Like Screenshots.. 
Been looking again at the screenshots....I really like this design. Maybe you could replace the single solid beam above the arches that connects to two, with a thinner beam, or two thin beams....then again the thick beam might enhance the claustorphobic feeling I get from this perspective. Either way, I like the feeling. 
Here's Another Shaft Picture: 
glQuake is too limiting, can I make a map for another engine ?
<sheep> ? 
As Surely As You Can Write Your Own Name! 
Is that pic a contribution to the "no arms in Irak" debate?

sorry bad joke, nice pic who's the artist? 
I Guess... 
You can make a map for another engine. 
It'd be good if it runs perfectly well on standard Quake though, since otherwise it removes a number of people from the possible play base. 
Yes ... 
absolutely correct nonentity. the map should run on standard quake as well, everyone should be able to play it. 
i'd guess Giger... but i don't really know much of his stuff. 
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