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Quake Coagula Contest 2!
What!? The second Quake Coagula Contest. Coagula maps are maps made floating in a space void. If you want to download the first Coagula Contest to get some inspiration, ideas, make sure you understand what a coagula map is... then click this link:

When!? From Now: Dec 28th 2002 - Until March 1st 2003 (all maps must be sent to me by March 1st, 2003).

Rules!? Not many really. Map has to be a Coagula Map! Maps MUST be singleplayer as a minimum, deathmatch is optional. However, I am going to judge them based on there singleplayer gameplay aspect only. All maps must have a readme with them. maps should be playable in standard software and glquake.

Theme!? You can build in any theme you want, use custom textures etc etc ... coagula maps are all about using your imagination, the deliberately surreal setting should inspire you. Download the coagula contest pack above, as already mentioned, if you need more ideas.

etc. The pack with be released on March 2nd. Your map MUST be finished and sent to me by March 1st. If you plan to make a map, please post here, or somehow tell me so I can be sure of who and who not to expect maps from. I want every who maps to get their map into the pack.

Discuss kthx.

(note: this has been reposted from Qmap3, (for the original thread, see ), as people seem to be moving/posting here now.)
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The man who made them spectacular designs for Alien (the first movie) yes could be.. 
see those syringes? they're armed with biological weapons!
(yes, it's Giger) 
Shaft Is In Trouble 
And I'm not talking the badass from TV.

Another possible job (this one paying) has cropped up, so I'm gonna go for that. That's two oppos in the same week!

And, also, I'm suffering from CD-burners. Nurse! Nurse! More MP3s!

(Mind you, I have to rethink a fair bit o' Shaft...
it's giger. These are the shaft pictures fatty and i were talking about earlier in the thread. 
Me look for paper bag with holes for eyes...
big holes 
Hey, Fatty 
I started a map just like that for two different games, and both were named Shaft. :) 
Unofficial Giger Gallery 
1500 brushes and I hit the wall.
One three level "atrium" to go.
Stecki versus Ogro = demonpunk.
But what combination to populate it with SP?
Could be a bit unconventional *shrug*
"Disrupted Coagulation"
Will try and see this through. 
Very Nice 
i hope all of you agree it's art. i think it's also a lot of imagination.

it reminds me of all the macabre surreal things which objectively seem so scary and bad but actually show a persons brain in full activity (including its evil thoughts which we can't control: if you believe freud and other philosophers words anyway...) 
"shaft" inspiration:

"In the stairwell of my parents' house in Chur was a secret window, which gave onto the interior of the Three Kings Hotel next door, and was always covered with a dingy brown curtain. In my dreams, or nightly wanderings, this window was open and I saw gigantic, bottomless shafts, bathed in a pale yellow light. On the walls, steep and treacherous wooden stairways without banisters led down into the yawning abyss"

No doubt Giger would have been an excellent mapper. ;)

Looking at some of the artwork, there is a clear link to Quake, the combination of organic with mechanical, the overall mood of darkness, surreal images and a nightmarish, lurking quality - especially similar to the Quake 1 monsters. 
Coag Monsters... 
Always use fiends! It is fun to make them jump off ledges! POP! And think about speedrunners... 
Do not think about the speedrunners. Those maps are generally much less interesting.

Instead, DON'T think about the speedrunners -- neither think about blocking them nor about aiding them. 
How About Suspended Ogres 
grenades bouncing on the ground and then into the void (hopefully without showing too many invisible floors...). 
Just A Quick Reminder 
to everyone that you have ONE MONTH left to the deadline for submitting maps to me; March 1st. 
fookin' school work takin' time away from mah mappin'... 
I don't know. From the looks of things, schoolwork isn't having much of an impact at all. 
well, suffice it to say i would have been finished by now if it weren't for exams... but point taken. ;) 
necros, i'm finding that after exams at uni i'm having to use milling machines and lathes all my spare time. ok, admittedly the formula student is not compulsory but boy do i wish a day had 48 hours and i was on some kind of drugs to keep me awake that long without sleep (like the baddie in Die another day, shit film btw!!) 
it was to do with his nightmares...i got carried away 
Ya, paying the rent can be a drag sometimes. 
New Deadline: March 14th! 
just because i feel like it, i am gonna put the deadline for submitting maps to me back by 2 more weeks, as i have the vague (probably completely incorrect) impression some people may be struggling to find the time to finish by march 1st.

The new deadline is now MARCH 14TH, map pack will be relased march 15th.

Final note: there will be NO more extensions or changes to the deadline!! 
Oh, Cool. 
yeah, i might be able to finish on time now.

i haven't really worked on it much since i last posted that screen shot... anyway, with this extra time, i'm going to try again. 
I'm Gonna Try This... 
I've been in a perfectionist rut with trying to do my own first SP map so I'll take a break and try this.

BTW I wrote a different story for that SP map, I'm not sure when it's going to be released but I am promising you guys it will be released which means I really have to flesh out the environment and know what I'm aiming for. 
Good Luck Phait 
remember the map doesnt have to be perfect...(i just checked out your website). just get some brushes down and do your best. 
please buy yourself a new pc phait! site's great and funny! yea, as UW said just slap some brushes together before you get bogged down with work/school/women/beer/etc 
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