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New French Mods Cathars
I need advice for my maps
you can see on

And need a texturer for a mod on wolfenstein :
do you have an english version of ther site 
We are french but the site is in built
an english version can be made 
Here - Where ? 
nice overall, esp q1 
You Mean.. 
Freedom mod? 
Thanks Speedy 
but many link are dead i must make the lien
Now i work on Cathras and i make 3 map on quake III
Are you playing on the net at Q1 ? 
No No 
A fantastic m´┐Żdieval mod on the cathars
==> I m the mapper and need a texturer for skies with mountain 
which map did you prefer ? 
Aie Aie Speedy 
your are better than me
I just go on your page ...
Your map are very nice ...
I MUST DOWNLOAD IT !!!!!!!!!!!! 
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