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New RTCW SP Level...
Since the otherwise legendary nitin was too lazy to post this as news:

Kat has released a RTCW SP level / mini-mod based on hunting down hidden treasure in what looks like mines/caverns.


Information & screenshots (down the page) :
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Haven't Had Time To Look At It But... 
Haven't had time to look at it but... these guys(?) have done some great RTCW SP maps in the past.

Also see :

I'm not sure, but I think it might be just one person doing all the work, which is frankly awesome. Can't wait to get home and play it. 
Re : 
>>shambler, why have you started insulting JPL at every opportunity?

Count Vladislaus Dracula : [as Igor is poking a werewolf with a cattle prod] Why do you torment him so?
Igor : That's what I do. 
Yes, I also noticed those. It's kind of annoying that Kat seems to feel the need to have a *seperate* website for every map he does :P (with no obvious linkage between them).

I kind of wish I still had RTCW installed now, as those shots do look pretty damn nice. 
Nice one!!

UWF, errr, because he's weird for not liking coop-bot-single-play, and a moron for not noticing that I had noticed nitin had posted about this and indeed told nitin to make it news. Simple eh. 
...I finally got Maiden to post again.

Sham: thanx for the heads up, I'll snap up the next copy I find. 
yeahI was going to post news, butI was under the impression there was goign to be an updated release so I was holding off. 
Blame Megazoid for my presence here..!
Just to answer some of the comments that have cropped up...

@ Kinn : I *do* have a 'single' website where all the info about what I've done is posted, it's called Quake3Bits (:op back at ya). There is a reason though for me putting these RtCW SP maps on their own sites; bandwidth, I don't have to worry about it where they are, whereas I as I do for Quake3Bits.

@ Megazoid : Yup... if it breaks then it's all my fault as I'm basically the only one doing this stuff. I did get some big help with MagesSkulls though, the scripting for that was a little beyond me at the time.

@ nitin : thanks for posting this stuff here, it seems a quiet place on the surface but there's a lot of traffic underneath..!

@ the rest of the crew : thanks for the supporting, stopping by and downloading the various maps. 
Great Map 
Finally got time to reload RTCW and play Relic Hunt. Wow! Great atmosphere and attention to detail. A logical map, with only one small problem that I could see - the ending. After killing the big black blob guy (he's so funny), I couldn't find the exit. I had to have a look at the walk-through on your site. The problem is the drop down floor that is suppose to indicate it was erm "blow-up-able" wasn't doing that. Could be a glitch on my machine only, and definately only a tiny flaw.

Really great work (as ever Kat). Thanks for taking the time to make another great RTCW map. It's kind of a shame the whole RTCW mapping scene never took off that much, because the game is definately one of my favorites.

If we could just have some semi-clad nazi chicks in the next one please ;) lol 
This Is 
outstanding stuff!

This is probably the first custom RTCW sp (apart from maybe tef joh's Operation Vorichwhatever) that actually captures the feel and experience of the retail game. It also proves that you dont necessarily need multi map units to have anything of decent playable length.

Atmosphere, brushwork are extremely well done as is the texturing and lighting. The gameplay is pretty good, but perhaps there is a little too much ammo going around (played on Medium). My main quibble was that I didnt know where to go after opening up the tomb entrance and then blowing up the wall to be near the start area again. Some better indication at that point could have been implemented.

Otherwise, very nice. I'm going to now try Castle Keep too, I originally played Mage Skulls which was nice but not really worth replaying. 
@ Magazoid : that dynomite thing isn't a glitch with your machine it's actually a 'bug' in the engine. There are a couple of instances like that where things don't work the way they should and for no apparent reason; it's actually a 'known' issue within the SP community (very small that it is) that I think everyone has given up on trying to 'correct'.

I did have some female Nazis in the cancelled Geberator SP, nothing kinky mind you.

@ nitin : yeh I went a bit OTT with the ammo, I got a lot of comments on the previous maps that there wasn't enough..!

Thanks for the comments. 
Oops Typo 
I mean 'Generator SP'... 
just tried out and completed Castle Keep.

It's a beautifully realised concept, I can only imagine the time you put into those rocks. Framerates arent too crash hot on my setup but it's still playable for an sp game.

But where's the gameplay? There wouldnt have been more than 7 or 8 enemies and it took about 7 mins to complete too. For all the effort that you put in, it's just too disposable for most players. 
yeh, that ones basically a 'concept' map and was really for my own 'internal' use. I basically released it with the source map becasue it deals with the different ways of making rocks which there was a bit of interest in at the time. Funnily enough though, the bit of gameplay that is there took twice as long to sort out than building the rockwork.... 
fair enough, but if it was a bit longer, it would be something special. 
what other good rtcw sp is there?

I've only got tef joh's pack and your stuff. 
Kat Can Probably Answer Better But... 
After a lot of looking myself some time ago, one of the most complete RTCW SP map lists I found was WildStar's Maps : 
yeah but it doesnt really sort the good from the bad and the bad from the ugly. 
SP Maps List

Those are the two most complete listings that I know of... the 1st having at least some sort of scoring system for the SP maps that have been looked at. 
Try Time Gate 
It was a well made RtCW multi-map story based mod.

There was another multi-map pack with one map made by Vondur that overall wasn't bad but did have some frustrating areas. I think Vondur's website has links to this mod.

I liked RtCW, the game. My favorite settings were the spooky ones. 
I think that Time Gate and the other mod you talk about with Vondur's map are the same thing. Time Gate had some severe bugs towards the end so I didnt really keep it. I do have Vondur's map stored away from when it was released by itself. 
Operation Vorsichtig, nitin, you know that :P

yeah that's the one. 
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Some Aspects Of The Internet I Still Don't Get... 
the success rate of these random queries must be so low, and surely it's easier to find wikipedia or some sort of diablo fan site than to find this messageboard.

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