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Other PC Games Thread.
So with the film and music threads still going and being discussed... why don't we get some discussion going on something on topic to the board? What other games are you playing now?
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what are the best looking Q3A levels? q3gwdm1 and q3gwdm2? 
It might not be for everyone but blew me away. Loved reading about how it was created too 
Q3A: there is limited number of bots to select from. how do I add a bot w/ certain skin like Stroggo, Krusade or Roderic pls? what console command does that? thanks 
there is something about skins under addbot command in this how-to but what is the correct syntax pls? can not get it working 
I don't think that is possible. The bots and their models/skins are defined in bots.txt file, main game has one in pak0.pk3 file. Some community made maps usually also have bots added like that in their own .pk3 files. And if these bots are defined in these scripts, they can be easily added through the GUI menu without any console commands.

If you use addbot command in Q3A, it shows you the syntax:

Usage: Addbot <botname> [skill 1-5] [team] [msec delay] [altname]

<botname> is the bot entry from bots.txt file. As you can see, with this command you can't add a bot with different skin, only different name, like for example

\addbot orb 3 blue 50 Eye

will add a bot with name Eye which is really just Orb (model, skin, sounds, etc). 
possible to play Q3 Team Arena w/ the OG vanilla game HUD pls? 
no way to have smooth Q3A aiming (VSync OFF) and smooth bot movement (VSync ON) at the same time pls? I do not see any frame cap option neither in-game nor in config... 
found it, so VSync OFF and com_maxfps 125 is the smoothest overall solution for 85Hz screen? 
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