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Other PC Games Thread.
So with the film and music threads still going and being discussed... why don't we get some discussion going on something on topic to the board? What other games are you playing now?
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I'm playing Katamari Damacy and X-Men Legends both for PS2.

Katamari Damacy is a crazy japanese game where you roll up a sticky ball of everything to a specified size within a timelimit. Lots of fun and a great sense of scale and style. It's great starting out being able to roll over thumbtacks, then eventually getting big enough to roll over people. They make great screams :D

X-Men Legends is a cool action/RPG game featuring the X-men characters. Kind of like a Diablo 2 type game, but you have a team of 4 most of the time, and can switch on the fly between which you control, the computer taking control of the others. I don't have any friends, but I guess it also allows other players to jump in whenever and control someone else from the team. So far, it's been great fun blasting through levels and beating up sentinels. Wolverine has been my character of choice so far, but I just rescued Gambit and hope to start using him more often. 
i'm playing dungeon siege: legends of aranna
and w40k:dow
I finished yesterday night Red Faction 2 (on PS2)... There are lot of various weapons, and during some level, you can kill your ennemies from helicopter, tank, and sub-marine... Even if I found gameplay rather simple (kill / destroy, destroy everybody / everything you can kill / destroy), sometimes you need to take care to civilians... Globaly, I had fun.. this game is really worth played...

I also play Return to Castle: Wolfenstein (on PC, and not yet finished...). It's a little more tricky and hard I think.. Ennemies are more efficient to trap the player... There are again various weapons, and I found gameplay is really cool...

Q3 on PS2 as well... closed last year...

Recently I Have Mostly Been Playing... 
Dungeon Siege 
I'm currently playing Dungeon Siege in my spare time. It's cool because for the most part your skills are auto-managed, so I can't mess it up.

I like the camera, and the visuals are pretty cool; although the fog can be a little annoying sometimes. Details are cool. It might be better if there were just a few more things to interact with--a few more puzzles and secrets.

Gameplay has some nice variety, and includes some hoard combat, plus combat against fewer but tougher monsters. It's pretty balanced, and has most, if not all, of the RPG elements that people usually enjoy.

The only problem is the one that plagues most RPGs: walking 5 minutes back to town to sell your loot, buy another party member, and upgrade your equipment. A town portal feature, or even a game-time slider would be useful to make the trip better. Come to think of it, I think there is a slider that controls the gamespeed, but it's buried in the options menu. 
Sounds interesting, but I don't have a PS2. I'll check it out anyway.

Since I'm broke I'm stuck in demo land and have just been playing demos of Colin Mcrae 03, 04, 04 and GTR and recording videos of lap replays and crashes: 
It's kind of fun to see games you worked on mentioned (X-Men and DS:LoA).

I'm currently playing KOTOR--I started over after not playing it for a couple of months, since I kinda forgot what was going on, and am now back to where I was before (just killed the Rancor in the sewers).

I'm also playing Morrowind on and off (still), and will probably get back to Doom 3 at some point--I basically played the crap out of it for a couple of weeks there and am kind of burnt-out. Occasional bouts of Painkiller too.

Also still playing Trackmania, which I love, and just made a new track a couple of weeks ago.
My tracks:

(if anyone plays the game and/or cares) 
Morrowind And Blokettiblok 
The latter's a fun little Pengo clone, best in small doses. But Morrowind's been consuming me of late. Maybe it should have been called Better Than Life.

One day I'll understand the editor too. Then I'll be truly stuffed. 
I'm playing Mafia for PC and it's pretty fun. There's alot of different sub-games in it that you do as part of your missions. It's like GTA3 but set in the 1920s. Good graphics, although sometimes it looks kind of dodgy when it's drawing the buildings and bridges. You'll be driving down the street and suddenly a 2 mile long bridge appears 100 ft in front of you. And that's with drawing distance set to 'Highest'

I think it also would have benefitted from a first person mode, but it's still alot of fun despite the above mentioned shortcomings. 
I Bin Playang... 
Burnout 3 - as I said in GA, it's Burnout 2 except with extra shitness.

Ninja Gaiden - despite its flaws, pretty much pisses over every sp fps of the last five years in terms of fun and interesting combat. Just goes to show what can be achieved when the emphasis is on "pure" gameplay rather than atmospherics and scripted sequences. 
MtGO - Great game, lots of people that play. Only bad side is I'm addicted to Draft, so I end up paying a $39 a week or so... but anyway, that's fun.

DoW demo - Can't wait for the real game, probably get it this weekend. Woot.

PS2 stuff - Lots of games here. Silent Hill 2, Onimusha 2, THUG, Megaman Anniversary, etc.

GBA - Like 3 Zelda games (Oracle games and the NES release), FFTactics Advance, Fire Emblem, Advance Wars 2, Yugioh card games... errrr nevermind that last one. Looking for Link's Awakening, and Tactics Ogre. 
I picked up Viewtiful Joe and F-Zero GX recently, but I haven't had much time to play them. However, from what I played both are kinda cool, but not great.

I'm interested in that Katamasi Damacy game too, but I don't have a PS2... 
Viewtiful Joe gets better, until it gets worse. Episode 5 (or is it 6) is really hard. Once I got into the controls and after I got all the special moves, it was pretty fun until that point. 
Arx Fatalis 
just finished and going back to play it again. it rules. 
Arx Fatalis 
I liked it too. Of course it brought back all the fun of playing Ultima Underworld and then some. It had some truly suspensful moments (you probably know what I am refering to stopping a human sacrifice while being persued by an invisble stalker) , yikes.

I'll probably play it again soon too. 
I started playing Prince of Persia (sands of time) recently. When it first came out I was still finishing my degree and had to resist temptation. It's a great game with attractive visuals, well though out levels, and excellent mechanics. I love not being punished for sloppy mistakes or misreading the length of a jump. It frees you up to really explore the game and try out wacky moves. And you still feel bad ass when you pull it off. I hope the sand dagger becomes a staple of the PoP series. 
Just beat Call Of Duty: United Offensive singleplayer. Its...ok. Definitely NOT as good as all the hype and previews lead it to be. Typical call of duty stuff with arbitrary ridiculously-hard to cakewalk-easy difficulty. Multiplayer is so far so good. Bigger maps, vehicles and cool new weapons. Here's to hoping they don't fuck up the weapons like regular CoD is now.

Also I bought Diablo II but haven't tried it yet as I STILL haven't finished doom3. I know I will get sucked in so I'm waiting for the right time to jump in.

Also been playing quite a bit of Point of Existence, a mod for Battlefield: Vietnam. Good stuff. Occasionally some UT2K4 (onslaught usually). 
Games I Am Playing 
Great Thread

I'm in a bit of a game slump and have mostly been playing Diablo 2 alone with the Amazon and Necromancer. I'd like to play more Half-Life, Deus-Ex and RtCW addons but nothing is calling me right now.

Games I Have On Que: Painkiller, DX2 - Invisible War

Games I Expect to Buy Soon (because they are becoming cheap): Prince of Persia - Sands of Time (I loved the 1st Prince - played on Hercules monochrome monitor with 8MHz 8088.; Thief 3 (I actually want to try it despite not going far with Thief 1.) 
Oh And... 
lots of Robotron (we have it here at work.) 
Oh Yeah? 
Well I just played through Halo for the third time. Not because it was particularly spectacular (it is great fun, but it seems Bungie only had one level designer working there and all he could do to save time was c'n'p a lot), but simply because I'll be sitting in the living room with a sketch or assignment I have to do, and I'll look up and go "ooh, xbox!" 
Currently playing:

Wh40K: Dawn of war.

I am loving this game atm, the space marines just rock, and dreadnaught powerfist kills just bring up some sort of childish glee locked inside me somewhere, played a bit of skirmish too and the eldar rock. Purple explosions were never so cool :)


On my brothers xbox, really fun game (never played the prequels). Crash modes are great fun and the aftertouch and crashbreakers add some "tactical" proceedings to the chaos. Good sense of speed too.

Recently played:

Doom 3

Pretty much commented about this in the "offical" thread, loved the game bar some minor annoyances, am currently mapping like a fuquer for it too. 
Nethack, as usual.


May the RNG bless my samurai. 
Well Now, That Was Unexpected Behaviour! 
fuck yes. arx fatalis rules hell. agh. im on my 2nd play through it now. i love the whole feel of the game, everything feels so damn dirty, and it all looks like its gonna fucking fall apart! :)

sadly i never got to play ultima underworld, altho i have read alot about it and seen lots of screenies, but that doesnt really makes up for not playing it :(

agh. gonna go play some more arx 
I Forgot To Mentionned... 
... that sometimes, I play with my "old game" which are Granturismo2, Tomb Raider 2-4, , Nightmare Creatures I and II, Ace Combat 3, WipeOut 2/3, on PX1, and Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness, WipeOut Fusion, Crash Bandicoot - The Revenge of Cortex on PS2... I've some others which are definitively lost and forgotten, because too much crappy... ;) 
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