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Food Thread
You came up with the idea of starting a food thread, just do it and get it over with.

It wasn't my idea, but im starting the thread.

Discuss recipes, preferences, cheap food and all other food-related issues here.
OMG! i never saw the other food thread started by shambler.

in my defense: great minds think alike [eh shambler? :) ]

for the prosecution: shoot me now. 
Tonights Menu 
consists of Kraft Dinner(tm) Macaroni and Cheese. Commonly refered to as 'KD' or 'Mac N Cheese'. We are eating original brand KD with no fancy noodles or irregular flavourings to the sauce.

1937: KRAFT� Macaroni and Cheese Dinner was introduced with the advertising slogan of "Make a meal for 4 in 9 minutes."

1998: STOVE TOP OVEN CLASSICS were introduced. The same year KRAFT introduced EASY MAC macaroni and cheese dinner, a microwavable, single-serve product.

I've yet to try the new 'EASY MAC' in its just add water form. If anyone has, how does it compare to the original wait 10 minutes to boil mac n cheese?

Interesting Fact : The USA food and drug board allows a percentage of Plastic compound to be added to both the KD pasta and the cheese powder. The reason this plastic is added is to help the noodles look so shiny thus more appetising.

Kraft Dinner has remained a family favorite, with more than 7 million boxes purchased every week.  
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