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What`s Happened In Gaming In The Last 8 Months??
Hi all. Some of you may remember me. I`ve been away for a little while (metaphorically and literally). Upon my return home I`m going to try to get back into gaming a the meantime I`ve got questions.

Now, I`m wondering, what has happened in the last 8 months or so?? I see QMap a different name =). What else??

What games have been cool or are looking cool?? What should I be looking out for??

I see that U2 and UT2 have been god companies are actually releasing games these days. And C&C Generals and Impossible Creatures and... And then I`ve seen you lot posting about Enclave which sounds bloody great - anyone drawing any comparisons to the mighty Severance/Blade yet??
Any views on these games?? I`d like to hear from nitin and other such people who try plenty of different games...

Anything interesting happening in mapping?? Gossip, scandal, that sort of thing?? Anyone mapping for new games?? Any interesting developments??

Oh yeah and go ahead and discuss this stuff hmmm...
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just buy a fucking gamecube and get it over with.

also, halo for xbox has damn good co-op. 
Lo shambler :P
come to teh #tf damnit! 
Yes, Shambler 
Come back to #terrafusion. I`ll even give you ops so you can kick Killes. 
Yeah GSI is still trying to be uber-god-site-nazis, now with extra adverts :/

No. I live in a pit in the ground. Than lives in a house afaik.

The 2k3 trick jumps are kewl for close up 1on1 fighting if you can do them well, otherwise, theyre just a way to get from place to place.

And yeah, if you want good games, get a console.

As for func_qmap, its a small backwater full of people who dont map :) 
i DO map, bastard! :) 
Haha GSN 
Dunno if you left before or after this shambler, but you now need to PAY gsn to download from fileplanet without waiting in horrendous queues! Dont you just love it. 
Re Dungeon Siege 
Exploration is a little weak. Other than a few dungeons that have a few multiple paths, its quite linear. Also, I kept looking for little side things of interest, searching the edges and stuff, but there werent that many secret areas.

Development is pretty big, but characters are pretty limited. Its basically attack magic, healing magic, archer, swordsmen. Nothing that interesting. You can combine skills, but that just makes your guy too weak to be decent in either one.

Combat is where all the interesting gameplay is. Its hack and slash, hack and slash, hack and slash. I enjoyed it, and working with a diverse party in real time was quite fun. As I said earlier, it can get a little old because the levels are large, linear and overpopulated with enemies, but it is fun.

I had hoped for a little more interesting character and story development, and would have appreciated a slightly quicker pace to the game, but the actual play was engaging and fun. The atmosphere was very well done (if only theyd used it for a great story!). So yeah, that should cover it. 
yeah! pr3ach on brother!

fuck them for not giving away stuff completely free. fuck them hard. fuck them sideways till monday. damn their hides. terrorists! the lot of them!

long live Linus Torvalds, L1NUX RULZ! M$ SAWKZ! GAMESPY EATS BABIES!

Information wants to be freeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! 
ha... yes... Im owner of #tf after bribing Bal with a stuffed animal. hows that for scandal?

btw... if you think its bad that metlslime coded the site to eat your posts, he also made it impossible for me to login! 
And So On... 
Those upcoming U2 and UT2 projects - don`t look especially good so far IMHO. But thanks for the links.

Gom & Killes - cheers.

Wrath - go bathe in manjuice.

Grindy - >>No. I live in a pit in the ground. Than lives in a house afaik.<<

Hahaha - is the pit in Than`s garden?

Daz - oh yeah I was around when their 1337 service started. But as a GSN whore myself I think I had better access or something...

H-Hour - thanks for that information. I will have to look into it more and give the demo (if there is one) a try. I`ve been intrigued by the coop idea...

Scampie - >>he also made it impossible for me to login!<<

See it`s obviously deliberate!

And finally, consoles...

I note with interest the amount of games Paul was recommending for each console. About 3 each wasn`t it?? Not, IMHO, a lot. (BTW, didn`t you miss out Mechassault?? I thought that looked great). If I could do a purely personal list of recentish games for another gaming system...

PC - UT, WOT, FAKK2, Battlezone2, Undying, Alice, RTCW, Mechcommander2, Mechwarrior4, AVP2, Deus Ex.

(and that`s not counting some good stuff I`ve demoed - Giants, Sacrifice, Ground Control, nor any games from 2002/2003, nor any other game genres....hmmm) 
ut, wot, alice, deus ex...


what are you, an antediluvian? 
Oh yeah, D3 got leaked as well. 
And you think Than lets me near his house? 
"PS2 : GTA3, GTA Vice City."

yes yes! go buy a ps2 to play games that are on pc!!!!! ................tardage

aides from that theres a fair of other good games that have been released 2002 that arent cited here, in other genres etc 
Re Ground Control 
I bought that game after playing the demo. The vehicles and weapons effects and stuff looked awesome. Particularly the artillery and planes were really cool. But once you get artillery, the game gets extremely repetitive. It basically becomes: place your artillery within range, watch the missiles fly; move your artillery, watch the missiles fly. I played about 2 of these missions and got bored. There are 30 missions (of which I only played 15 because of a bug that prevented me from going further, which the company never did fix as of the last time I bothered playing the game). I just found no use of tactics in the game. I prefer games that give you a myriad of strategies to employ. 
"PS2 : GTA3, GTA Vice City."

yes yes! go buy a ps2 to play games that are on pc!!!!! ................tardage

aides from that theres a fair of other good games that have been released 2002 that arent cited here, in other genres etc 
a double post 30 minutes apart :)

How did that happen? 
he has a VERY slow modem? 
Tardage Indeed 
just kidding :) 
Hey Shambler 
I like the 2 discussions you`ve started.

8 months` events as Wazat sees them:
Several nice quake1 single player maps have been released in the past few months, and I`m enjoying them. I can give you a list of names if you like (though I might be pressed to find a download).

My real passion is deathmatch, especially in my mod Jeht:
</shameless plug>

Warcraft 3 was a flop in my opinion. The single player was decent, but I completely failed to become interested in its multiplayer. Mostly because all of its gameplay seems centered around building your heros to level 9 and then attacking. :(
I just know I`m gonna get flamed for that one... ;0

I`ve been playing Soldat recently, and it`s a total blast! Imagine combining Scorched Earth and Quake deathmatch....

I`ve enjoyed Unreal Tournament a great deal, but haven`t tried any mods or custom maps for it. Odd...

I did not like UT2003 at all. Everything from the human voices to the rediculous announcer to removing Assault to the simple lack of interesting or non-ugly environments. The textures "seemed" low-res, even though they weren`t. The gameplay seemed slow. The weapons were pretty and cool but all the levels in the demo just weren`t interesting to me.
I just know I`m gonna get flamed for that one too. ;)

QExpo (quake1) is approaching. It`s scheduled for late June or early July. It`d be great to have a map reviewer such as yourself holding a booth, as we`re expecting some good quake1 sp and dm maps to come our way, as well as a bunch of mods. But you may feel quake1 is old. *shrugs*

*This concludes Wazat`s list of things that are interesting from the past 8 months. Everything not listed is either irrelavent, or not traumatic enought to impress itself into his memory.

In UT2003, you can shut the announcer and other voices up, and they have released an assault mod.

Textures, if you are talking about the demo ("levels in the demo just ") the textures were of a lower quality than in the final game, for the sake of the demo file size.

Seemingly slow gameplay, can`t help you with that, although play Unreal2 for a while, and then play UT2003 and you`ll feel like you are on steroids ;)

Levels in the demo, while they were among my favorites in the full game, depending on personal preference, there are better ones, the bonus packs do contain some good maps. plus there are "some" good custom maps coming out. On the subject of levels, the final level in UT2003 would have to be the worst level I have ever seen, it is pathetic.

I prefer Quake myself (any of the Quakes) but UT2003 is still a blast 
Yea, I Prefer Quake Too. 
UT2003 just wasn`t my thing, I guess.

The voices and such that they choose for a game`s final release drastically affects people`s ability to like it, even if there are mods to fix it.

Plus I felt like a midget running around because of the camera height. Did anyone else get that feeling? 
And you think Than lets me near his house?

Does he let you near his pants though?? 
Thanks for that info. I saw QExpo is biannual. Probably a good idea given how much work it can be.

I`ve managed to try UT2....not impressed so far (albeit for different reasons). It`s UT with better graphics (in the cases of the weapons and characters, unnecessarily better). Same weapons but with different names (I like the 3 rocket limit but not the lack of grenade spam), similar power-ups. Only played a couple of levels, they seemed fine though not revolutionary. And collecting pills for special moves....WTF is this, Super Mario Tournament or something?? I`m not so keen on all these tricks being planned, built in, and open to any newbie, as someone who learnt tricks the hard way when they were esoteric and exciting to discover. And shipping without Assault. No. 
Anyone Want To Play, BTW?? 
For the first time ever I have temporary access to a connection better than my usual "two cups and a piece of string". So in theory I could play some of you lot online.

Games I`ve got available: UT2, Battlefield 1942, Iron Storm, IGI2, Splinter Cell, WC3, C&C Generals, AOM....(okay and CS but there is no way in hell...)

Games I know how to play: UT2.

Games I could probably learn: The other FPSs.

Games I would need to be walked through: The rest.

Times I can play: 10pm - 12am UK time.

I`m very rusty so ideally I could play something against a similar incompetent, or better, teamplay with a few similar incompetents =).

So....errr....ummm..../looks shy... 
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