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Apparently it's been released today. How the fuck did that sneak up on us?? I guess I got so b0red of HL2 news I stopped reading any of it.

But I've ordered it.

So what's the verdict from the homies?? Discuss tha shit here.
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Just Played Through Siren 
Very creepy atmosphere, top marks in this department. Limited health and ammo add to the tension but the ending is just...unfinished. Shame, because this is a quality custom mappack otherwise. 
most broken mods can be fixed, see here for details: 
Better Link 
Dangerous World 
extremely high quality mod thats quite satisfying but needed to be better playtested since its not exactly easy to work out what to do next. 
Lack of playtesting (or listening to playtesters) is the downfall of many otherwise great mods, or games. 
Eye Of The Storm 
This is one the best I've played so far, very professionally built, good combat, no bugs and nice setpieces. 
Random 17 
another good one although goes overboard with light bloom in some areas and also lacks a proper ending. I believe the author is working on a second map that will link to this when it's done. 
Thanks For Posting These 
i know i'll be doing a hl2 marathon later during the winter. :) 
No Probs 
have another 9 lined up to play :) 
Outpost 16 
Like Whoopservatory, way too short.

But what's here is borderline amazing! The whole map's essentially a setpiece and a very memorable one. 
If you're comparing it to Whoopservatory, then I've got to check out Outpost 16 asap. :p

Have you checked out Research & Development yet btw? 
i've played that one, and if you haven't i'll just chime in and say you should play it too. ^_^ 
nightmare house 2 is good if you like horror mods 
I was comparing it length wise, both Whoopservatory and Outpost 16 were too short IMHO.

Whoopersvatory is a little more polished but Outpost 16 has a killer setpiece.

R&D is in the remaining 8, as is Minerva Metastasis. 
is a great mod.

R&D has a very good design and interesting puzzles, but I got stuck somewhere near the end I think and gave up. 
<Avenger_> half life 2 is neat
<Avenger_> im playing it now 
So Vaguely Related: this is the coolest gaming related thing I've seen for quite a while. 
Some serious Source wizardy on display there, and I'm looking forward to playing the whole thing beginning to end.

I do hope that this version of Xen gets even weirder further in. The bleak/incomprehensible vibe of the original Xen was pretty cool (even if it may have just been an accidental result of rushing the development). 
Well I Love That. 
Also wondering how long until Bal remakes it in Quake in 1:1 scale. 
Breathtakingly Beautiful 
I never finished Black Mesa. Seeing this made me want to do it just so I can experience Xen! 
I feel sorry for the person who had to sculpt all those displacements. yikes. 
Re: #317 
My thought on those was they likely developed some sort of script to generate a displacement from a mesh. I couldnt imagine any other way to allow for iteration other than that, so i hope theres a script for it :P 
The guns feel updated too! Absolutely jawdropping. 
Something like 15 years in the making, 4 of which were after it hit Steam. Kind of a shame that any game would take that long to make but at least Xen looks incredible. 
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