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New UT SP - 7 Bullets
Mr Prophet, maker of the Xidia SP episodes, has released his latest 14 map SP pack 7 Bullets.

Features :
-12 available weapons
-New selectable items
-New reloading weapons feature
-14 diverse maps
-Both new and revisted Na Pali environments
-Featuring Voice acting and a new soundtrack
-New Blood effects
-Includes XSM UT mutator and DM maps
-Includes features seen in Xidia Gold and ONP, courtesy of UsAaR33

Screenies :

Download (136 MB) :

Review of this set is up at UnrealSP :
Not The Best Of Screens 
but from what little I've played so far, it's pretty impressive. 
Based On Xidia... 
...this will probably be awesome.

Looking fwd to playing it. 
I'm Playing Through 
I'll make more comments when I'm done but I think this expansion will get better as I go. I just finished the Infiltration level and am glad to not be so dependant upon my flashlight.

The construction quality of the map shows up closer to the end with those cool hallways. There's also some other nice areas but many plain ones too - especially near the begining. I did find it awkward navigating in the dark but there were some good startling attacks throughout. Some switches could be missed in the dark and it isn't always apparent where to go or what was now powered up but I did make it through. Also, players might want to keep a little notebook to write down access codes if your memory is less then great or if you play a single map in several sessions.

I like the character naration and some of the bullet time cut scenes were cool.

More comments after I'm done. 
Screenies Look Great 
I'm anti-Unreal though, so I won't play it, but it looks very good. 
Edited News 
to add review link. 
i still don't have UT. is there a way to play this in unreal? 
I dont think so 
Aw, Rats. 
Too Bad 
...because the temple areas are incredible. Some of the combats with humans can be frustrating but I am really impressed with the massive beauty of the temple levels following the exit from the spacecraft.

UT is cheap, if you like Unreal, it would be worth picking up UT for this map pack as well as some other amazing SP Mods that have been released.

I'm about half way thriugh this map pack. Many levels feel huge and well detailed.

Two things bug me though:

1) The HUD is way too big and bright. I can turn it off but then I also loose my crosshair and the translator messages. It really spoils the view of some really atmospheric maps. If there was a reduced HUD, the game immersion would benefit
2) Not as big a deal as the HUD, but door and lift switches are often in the dark and could be missed. A sourced light or blue crystals near the switches would be a good addition. 
overall, its very impressive. First the bad :

- HUD. Like scragbait said, way too big and dominating.

- the first level. The original kran levels sucked and although this was an improvement, it still sucked. Considering how dark it was, the combat was ridiculous. Also, this suffered from WTF am I supposed to do next syndrome.

- the Voice Acting. Above average stuff but some of it was very mediocre and the dialogues were worse than some C-movies.

- Cutscenes. Some were well done but a lot were porly edited and clunky. Plus there was way too many, especially in areas where fights were avout to begin.

Ammo - Way too much on medium. I hardly used more than a few guns.

The Good :

- Level Design. After the first map, there's an exponential increase in mapping and some truly impressive maps are showcased here. The 3 temple maps were the best and one of the terran maps with caves was also very funky. Progression was linear but very immersive on all maps. All maps bar the first one (which was average at best) were very very good.

- The Story. Translator messages were actually interesting and well done.

- The Combat. Again, apart from the first level the combat was well done. I liked some of the terran fights but did wish for some more skaarj combat after leaving the ship.

- Rations. Very good new addition, useful and well implemented.

Arsenal - Excellent balance, but too much ammo spoiled some of the weapons. Particularly special was the new rapid fire pistol. I could take out almost anything with 2 of those.

The Ugly :

Thankully nothing.

Overall, very good mod, well worth getting. 
I Finished Too 
This is a great Unreal mission pack.

The lows first:

- The HUD, already discussed
- Botty enemies and ambushes that can rip you down from full health in a matter of seconds
- Switches in the dark, but you do get used to looking for them
- Some gun turrets are destroyable - others appear not to be. Some you blow up, others you have to knock power out or just run past and save your ammo.
- Some glitches in cutscenes.
- The Skaarj had very little presence in this add-on.

The highs:
- On average, the mapping is excellent. The temple ruins are very impressive. The underground areas are very interesting and the tech-warehouses are gritty and full of atmosphere. This map pack brings out the best that Unreal has to offer.
- Good story - well developed with translator messages.
- Cutscenes helped flesh out story.
- Endcredit level was nice

Anyone who likes Unreal SP should definately pick this up. 
One More Thing 
I know its not convenient, but turning off the HUD when you don't need it really made this map pack a joy for the eye. Also, turning off the HUD made you more aware of audible and visible nuances and made navigating the darkened areas easier.

Ambient sounds and the background music were very nice. 
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