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Daikatana 3.21.1997 Pre-alpha
John Romero has put up an ancient pre-alpha build of Daikatana for download on his website. This build is using the Quake 1 engine tech and has 2 playable levels: e1m3 and e2m3. Quite a piece of game dev history, if you ask me ;) The whole thing can be downloaded from (60 mb). Make sure to read the docs before launching the game.
<bluesnews> Is this the patch for the game that makes it fun? </bluesnews> 
Wow, people have been nagging John for 2 years for this. Unfortunately John has had his hands tied by Eidos. Something has happened, because Daikatana is now concidered (rightly or wrongly) as abandonware. Type Daikatana abandonware in google to find the full version of Daikatana.

(see this thread)

Oh yeah, and although I'm not a Daikatana fanboy, its not a bad game. Got a definate Quake-ish look (probably the chunky brushes). 
what a POS. Fun though, thx for the post. Now to download Daikatana for free!!! 
I've actually been thinking about adding Daikatana support to GTKRadiant. I was very interested in creating a singleplayer map for the game (especially seeing as there is exactly ONE custom sp map for DKT out there), but just couldn't bring myself to use the hideous editor, which was basically QE4 with some slight modifications. AFAIK, adding DKT support to Radiant should take as much time as it does to create a proper entity file, because the game is basically Q2 tech. 
DKT Thing Post 
I got it I played it and yeah it's crap.
Nothing really interesting to see, or, there was one thing;
If you've been reading about the Ion Storm/DKT saga, there's lots of talk about how they hired artists just because they were good artists, but they had no experience with computer graphics whatsoever. So they made stuff like the infamous 640x640 arrow sprite, and you can see that in here. The skins and some of the stuff that they've made is nice artistically, but it is complete crap for computer graphics.
(Also, the 640x640 arrow looks like a naughty-knob.)

Some thoughts on the final DKT:
The first episode (future Japan) started out nicely with the swamp levels. Then it got worse. Oh so much worse. Just about everything in episode 1 after the swamps was a ghastly horrorshow of disgusting textures, disgusting lighting, disgusting leveldesign and disgusting everything. The icelabs (iirc) part was nice though.
Episode 2 (ancient Greece) was a lot better, but the lighting was generally too bright and everything felt washed out. Also that roman city level with the hideously bright green and red textures was a travesty.
Episode 3 (medieval Norway) was generally awesome. Awesome textures, ligthing and atmosphere all through the episode, and also some cool level design.
Episode 4 (future San Francisco) I never got to check out because Superfly Johnson disappeared on the first level, Mikiko Bitch shot me and then I fell through the floor and outside the level. Yes, I patched the game.

The sidekicks were a really really bad idea.
The RPG elements (stats for assorted bits) was totally unneccesary.
Everyone complained about fighting mosquitos, which is silly since they're mostly the same as manhacks in HL2 and nobody's complaining about them.
Last, but not least; None of the game's male characters were as sexy as Barney. :(

This totally incoherent post was brought to you by peeing in my pants! 
A Quake 1 build of Daikatana released a day after my pack's deadline...I think am psychic or something. 
Dtk Crashes Early On My Setup 
I patched it before playing and in the Prison, my machine dumps before I pick up any kids to babysit.

What I Didn't Like:
- The crashing (very consistent)
- NPCs were a bit annoying
- The Fabulous Thunderbirds puppetshow cutscenes at a time when other games did have mouth motion during dialog

What I Liked:
- Secrets
- Article skins and models looked cool as did the frogs and mosquitoes
- I liked the swamp levels

I didn't try to resolve the crash but I still have the game. 
You should at least cheat yourself to the 3rd episode (Norway) and take a good look at it. Some kickass textures, music, monster and level design right there. 
when did you start wearing pants? 
I Downloaded And Played The Demo 
about a month ago.

Swamp level was cool looking, as was the interface.

Misquitos, toads and weapon types were silly. 
the prealpha is terrible. 
id love to see the one for q1, with lots of funky differences like green skies 
I downloaded this, with absolutely no intention of playing it, but I just wanted to see if I could open the .mdl files in QME and have a gander, you know.

The file format appears to have changed slightly from q1 and I couldn't open them. Does anyone know of a model viewer that will? 
Mosquitos And Manhacks 
since they're mostly the same as manhacks in HL2 and nobody's complaining about them.

Only because you couldn't pick up Daikatana's mosquitos with the physics gun and throw them at people... 
But But 
you dont get a gravgun till waaaay later, ie after running the manhack gauntlets. 
Can Download!!! Give Me Another Mirror! 
FW-1 at nodns249: Failed to connect to the WWW server.

:( why? 
manhacks kinda sucked yeah
but they were used rather properly 
manhacks kinda sucked yeah
but they were used rather properly 
The pre-alpha sucks - but I guess it's supposed to suck. The Greece level has a nice skybox. 
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