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Three New PlanetQuake Level Of The Week Reviews!
PlanetQuake has been updated with three new Level of the Week reviews! One Q1SP, one Q1DM, and one Q3DM! Check them out!

A Roaming Wildebeest in Spain (Q1SP):

D�j� vu (Q1DM):

Quake Monkeys (Q3DM):

Congratulations to the authors!
I've been waiting weeks for this! 
Me Too! 
You Don't Have To Be Jealous, Lun 
I'd make LunSP1 into LotW too, but since you haven't finished it... 
Yeah Anyway 
nevermind that post. 
I appreciate the reviews, even if I don't care too much (at all?) about DM, in Quake or Q3, and I already knew FMB100 was awesome. So anyway, thx for the effort of writing these reviews, dorks... I mean guys. 
Great News 
I'm pretty upset with PQ because they messed up the formatting of my article (quotations removed, italics, even a comma and period here and there.) I had to send an e-mail to get it fixed, and it's still not the way I sent it as of right now.

Now I know you'll all say "lolol blitz is dum he messt up hiz review and hez blaming it n pq!~11" But I can assure you that's not the case. I asked Pappy what was up with that, and he said they were using my review to help teach some new person there how to post content. So she posted it once all messed up (wtf?)

So yeah, I'm just slightly pissed that I spend a good amount of time writing this and finding a map, etc. just to have it wind up in the hands of someone who doesn't even know how to post it correctly. 
Good Reviews 
Nice reads, forgot about that Ninja map.

So Bl1tz... about XL1DM7... 
Good Update 
nice reviews by all, especially blitz's one. Again, my interest seems to be similar to Zwiffles, but it's interesting to read anyway. I'm sure there will be lots of people who read the LotW who don't know much about the Quake scene, and this might catch their interest. 
Always Good 
Waited for this one... Very very cool. 
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