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Music & Mapping
No, this is not "what do you listen to while you map". This is "What music should be played WHILE playing a certain map".

Music in games is all about setting the atmosphere in a level, you cant have an up beat tune in a dark and evil map, it just wouldn't be right, wheras something gritty, un-settling and generally evil would intensify the mood of the map you have made.

So, how much can music affect custom maps? How should it be used? Is it a shame that in some games custom music cannot be used. Thoughts and ideas please...
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not really the point, speeds. when you paste samples (snare hits, etc) on the beats, that are not premade loops, theres no way to change the layout of the bars to go to anything besides 4/4. so you cant subdivide by 3 for triplets and you cant do anything in odd time signatures like 6/4 or 3/4 without just putting over the 4/4 and just doing math on when the bars resolve, tempo, etc, which sort defeats the point of using such a program. 
render a single track to wav and then use it instead of sequence of samples - this way you can have odd ratio. Ofcourse ACID stratching quality kinda sucks, you cant do 'shuffle' and yadayada.. its just a simple loop-based multitrack thingie, not Logic Audio or Cubase 
Anyone used FruityLoops here?
That program rox >:P 
well, currently i like playing almost any song from PK while i play quake maps. both the ambient ones and the 'action' ones go really well with quake's mood and style.

also, the theme song to resident evil (movie) is pretty good while playing-- very mysterious and evil sounding.

cyltl: yes, i use fruityloops. 
No FL 
I don't like softsynths.

I listened to some of the music from Painkiller from the website, too loud/distracting for me. 
Death Metal 
You mean cookie-monster bands. 
Listening music while playing Quake (or other FPS) is what I do every time ... but I think Death Metal is not the only option... Quake particularly, and FPS in general required demoniac and hell satanic ambiance... So why not trying with Death Metal or Black Metal... or Grind Metal.... for example brand old groups like Slayer, Massacre, Death, Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse, Crusher, or others.... Even old album from Sepultura (like Arise) can be really cool playing with... Think about it..... 
Additional Infos 
The better is to use your CD player instead of adding directly "samples" into the game.... It lets the player choose his prefered music....
Cradle of Filth!

mmmm... Black Metal... :P 
Speed Metal, Or Even A Lot Of Psytrance, DnB, Techno, And SOME Industr 
All you guys map to pretty much death metal exclusively? 
Depends on the game/theme. Lately I've been mapping without music as I found I map faster that way. Older Metallica for medieval themes, dark ambient for dark/runic themes, and grunge or pop metal for base themes. 
I Never _map_ To Deathmetal Except For Twice. 
right now i am mapping to the terran music from starcraft.

good songs from PK that i like playing and mapping to are:
Train Station Music 01
Monastery Music
Cathedral Music 01
and Bridge Music

Good COF songs to listen to while playing: anything on the Midian CD. :P 
Ride The Lightening 
Kudos for RPG

Tool + Runic Grey
System/Down + Zerstorer 
The one map I finished was done listening to the 'Dead Cities' album from Future Sound of London.

I'll listen to almost anything I like when I'm mapping, but usually I tend to lean towards something that has some atmosphere (most pop/rock doesn't. 
Music Or Not Music... 
... that is the question we should say.... Mapping (or playing) listening Death Metal, Hard Core Techno, or Alternative Fusion music, or others... is not an obligation... It's only a way to feel better...
It doesn't matter what kind of music it is, the only way is to feel good while playing or mapping...
But, if "good" music is RNB, Rap, or Soul... so it sucks... and all who love listening these ones sucks....
There's no compromise... Hard/Thrash/Black/Death Metal are definitively into the spirit of Quake... not others musics...
Enjoy !!!! 
I think I already said this somewhere on the internet (so of course everyone has read it) but I try to listen to music that fits with the style of map Im trying to make, Im not saying that I'll suddenly start listening to metal music or rnb or some shit like that, but I try to setup a playlist that gets me into the mood to build in a certain style.

FOr instace for crdm3 (the vendetta textured one - not released yet) I've been listening to lots of Catscan, lab4, Brain, and some dity DnB which I think makes me map eviler(tm)(c) and make more grimey dirty styles in crdm3.

Although tbh... I think I was listening to the carebares theme song when I lit it... argh! :D 
Yay Let's Do The Whole 
"everything I can't appreciate at the moment sucks" dance! 

everything I can't appreciate at the moment sucks!


everything I can't appreciate at the moment sucks


everything I can't appreciate at the moment sucks

I think I was not very clear....
Sure Death/Black Metal is my prefered one, the more I'm playing...
While mapping, it depends on the context, and I'm not against listening something else like Dance, Techno, "Soft" Rock, or "top50 music", etc....
I'm fully opened to other music style, but I really don't like Reaggae, RNB, Rap, and Soul music... I don't like it but I appreciate some titles from guys like Eminem for example... but not all titles..
When I said it sucks, it was a little bit exagerated, shame on me if some guys were was my opinion, and never I will blame the guy who listen these music.... I'll just kill them all in a deathmatch fight.... he he he.... 
noise/industrial/digital_processing here :D
and some black/doom metal from time to time :) 
Deus - "Mr.Death" 
Mr Death was sipping...
his three hour glass of tea
And while his bones were clicking,
he suddenly looked at me
If there was one question asking,
you'd like from death to see
For always thinking can hurt you,
for always feeling can make you scream to be. 
I Prefer 
something quieter, ambient or instrumental. 
I can be very susceptible to what some might call an ironic combination of music, which in violent games would be something deep and meaningful.

My map Conundrum was highly influenced by the eerie ambient track running almost the whole time and the sort of whimsical thing was then added later, how that works fits the title :). I had the mil-techno Cannon from UT running much of Cats 2, both the Unreal and UT musics were great to pick from even if no one else gets the combination ... there's a sort of Zelda essence to the track each music version keeps going back to every time things start to calm down.

As to odd time signatures, when I first cranked up the Quake demo with King Crimson "Vroom" in the tray not even knowing why it was playing, it was like destiny. 
lol all bowie songs are muted on YT what a shit world this is 
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