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HL2 DM Discussion
I was having a talk with Lunaran this morning about HL2DM and we both agree that the appeal wears a bit thin after a while. It's fun, but it's way too spammy on large games, and there are alot of one-hit-kill weapons, which I think is detrimental to gameplay balance.

The other thing is, if you try to design a map that doesn't have a ton of excessive debris to fling around, will people bother playing it?

We had a long conversation about some of the topics that I don't feel like typing out again, so here's a link if you're interested in a discussion about HL2DM design.

If you don't read it, I also bring up the idea of having a decent sized func_msg/#terrafusion game of HL2. My hope is that we can play a couple of fun rounds, and then have a bit of a discussion on potential map ideas...or if it's even worth pursuing at the moment. (I hope Valve releases some kind of proper DM map patch)

So anyway here is the thread to voice your opinion about HL2 DM and also to try and organize a game. (I know we have the multiplayer thread, but I didn't wanna mess up the neatness of it with all this)
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I was just coming here to post that link. Ferret's a guy I know here at SCAD. 
More Map Schizzle. 
DM_void is good but limited, real nice style but the layout and map is very simple, however I do think it's good for aim and weaker weapons practise as there's no RL or Tau balls. Plus a variety in style. Max 3 pps.

DM_rebar looks good too, suitable for 3 minimum, good layout, good variety, good looks. Would go well in rotation with Revolution. 
there are tau balls.. u can grab them from the light shafts with the grav gun :) have to time it right tho... 
Aww, so I failed misserably there, I tried to pick up those a few times, and never got lucky, so I gave up... 
pwnd (trademark shambler 2005) 
New Steam Update.. 
...with new DM map, woohoo!

As long as it's not a huge pile of corridor-based shite full of tons of random crap for the grav-gun and lots of awkward bits to snag on and shite connectivity, that would be great!


Wait a mo... 
that's exactly what I thought. Won't be playing it at work.

I thought there were supposed to be more maps in this update anyway? Oh well, I guess the next update will contain some more maps too... such as dm_overflow (I reckon, since I've yet to see a better HL2 user map.)

There is also a cs source update coming soon, although I can't say I'm exactly pissing myself with excitement at the thought of more cs. 
More CS!!!!! 
/me pisses self 
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