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New QDM Map By Dakza
Pretty uninspireing, lots of right angles uninventive gameplay. But its my baby, I gave birth to it so i love it.

Im interested in comments or suggestions.

Screenshots and download:

---mod's note---
the bsp comes unzipped and w/o readme.
Oh And 
there are scaled textures (omg) and ambient lighting is like ~50. some weird designs like hallways where you cannot jump (too low ceiling), etc ;) 
I am sorry, but the screenshots of this map really don't make me want to download it. It looks like something I could've cooked up in less than an hour. No offense. 
It's wierd; it looks like a normal map but you're ~9 feet tall or something. Everything is scaled down. Also, I've just started playing QW, but it seems most maps have 2 or more rocket launchers to balance things out and prevent camping. It looks fast paced though. 
I was almost starting do waypoints it!!! wend i note!!! 1 rl? no lg?... camping map... :( not fair! you must replace some items Dakza...and edit the post in here...the way the map is nobody will play it! i think the map is cool but items suck real hard! 
lg where is gl? 
Scaled Textures? 
I noticed something was up when the crates were only half size but i swear that it was not intentional. must be some deal with gtk or my textures i donno... The last 2 values in the brush thingie in the .map file is 0.500000 I assume thats the scale value for the textures. If so its gtkradiant's default. Ill keep that in mind for the future.

As for the item placemnt, please forgive me I should have realised that it would be easy to camp on. Ill work on that in the future as well. The gl is in the spirals.

Oh and jago, im sorry that the screenshots were not to your high standards and convinced you not to d/l map however thank you for taking the time from your obviously busy schedule to tell me that. I fail to see the relevence of the post however. No offence.

p.s. the bsp comes unzipped and w/o readme because sucks and wont let me post .zips 
The relevance of my post is in that this is a thread about your map. And the map doesn't look good enough. 
Not Bad 
A good effort, item placement and load would need rethinking a bit, some detail wouldnt go amiss, layout prolly needs a little work, but in general a good first effort, oh and get some beta testers before next release and always supply in a zip file with an accompanying readme :)

Awaiting your next release. 
Well Jago 
In his defense, dm maps aren't really about how they look, they're about how they play. It doesn't seem to play well either, but still, there's always a chance it could be ugly and play decently.

Aye, I agree with Gib. A good first effort, scale NEEDS to be fixed, and layout should be a little more open and connected. Work on having more room over rooms, people seem to like that. 
I Can't Comment 
on the DM gameplay, but I kinda liked the lighting. Did you use q1rad? 
the default texture scale set in gtkradiant is 0.5, but this is meant for other engines like q3, rtcw, etc...
(are you using gtkr >=1.5 or <= 1.4?)

for q1, set the tex scale to 1.0
cheers ^_^ 
Yes - Not Bad 
I don't know much about deatchmach so can't judge if item placement and map layout are right for this purpose. There must be a problem in your map hence many people here say so. Anyway, somehow I liked the look of your map. It looks so clean and straight. Nothing to distract the players from their main task. I think also that you have combined all the brownish textures very well and I didn't find any misaligned ones. I also like the look of lights - ceiling lights are my favorites here. But the lightning could be much better in my opinion. The level could also be built more vertical. You should also include txt and zip the files, find another place for files if this one you are using now sucs.
All in all this is a nice looking map for me. Now I'm going spawn there some bots... 
Scale, Etc. 
I can appreciate that you took time to make a custom map Ankh, but this one was probably one for the "not releasable" sub-section of your maps folder. It looks and plays like a "learning the editor" map. The routes are long and boring, without much vertical play. The scale is off a bit as Zwiffle said before...take a look at Aerowalk by Preacher for a good example of size for an average deathmatch map.

The other thing was that you were mixing stone and base...and not really in a subtle way. They just don't look good together in a deathmatch map. Maybe you could pull it off in an SP where you had large, sealed off sections, but it doesn't look good at all.

It wasn't all bad was pretty nice in some spots...the map was too bright overall, but I think you had the right idea when it comes to creating nice looking light sources.

Anyway, try to look at some existing DM maps and take note of the scale, themes, and layout to get an idea of how to construct a level more conducive to providing an interesting gameplay experience. 
But Ankh Didn't Make It. 
I just realized...I was reading Ankh's reply right before, and reading his map release thread before this.


Apologies, Ankh. 
Cant See It 
site reached its 40mb limit 
A Help If You Want! 
eheh another thing Dakza the guy that have Rl got it all Ra and Ya near :) invencible!!! with this condicion no one can beat me if i start with Ra and Rl :) weheheh Take ra from that place and put ssg and put Ra where is 100%, a Lg in Ga place or at Shotgun place it will me nice to think about it! 
Blah, I Think I'll Stick To TF Maps 
Well so much for my idea that DM mapping was easy, maybe I should play a little DM first eh?

aguirRe: Yep. q1rad all the way.. Really like that program. If you look at the ents you may notice the "_light XXX XXX XXX XXX" stuff in there. Didint care much for how the colored lighting turned out though.

necros: Gtkradiant 1.4 is what i use. I hered that 1.5 had built in q1 support so i d/l it but it kept screwing up on me! 1.4 turned out to have more features and less of a hassle to use. Oh and thx for the info on setting texture scale. I skimed over that part in your Guide.

blitz: At one point where i had the base walls there was a stone texture. However when i compiled the map, the way I had the lighting just scremed out for a base texture. I personally like the way it looks and stand by my decision to use that texture.

If you guys are Interested I have this other map. Its a TF map but most who ive shown it to had good things to say about it. I didint post it here because nobody here seems to care about TF. It was made with gtk with the default scale texture set at 0.5 as well but nobody has thus far seemed to notice. The file is on a diffrent server so you shouldint have any trouble d/ling it 
Wrong Link 
i downloaded this one!!! the map is very nice!!! good for dm also! with a good placement of items... :) 
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