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Apinaraivo / Monkey Rage Q1SP Released By Jago
After months of work, my Q1SP project is finally done. It uses a mix of IKBase and SpeedBase to create a pretty unique theme. Feedback and demos are welcome.

Screenshot #1:
Screenshot #2:

Map Download:
FilePlanet Download:
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As moderator of this site, I'm going to have to ask you to leave and not post anymore unless you feel like being civil. If you want to intelligently discuss about why newer games are better than older games, make a new thread about it or post in the General Abuse thread.

Everyone else, Do Not Reply to him. Let's just talk about this map. 
I have doom3 completed, hl2 almost completed and a 3ghz 1gb ram rad 9600pro I know there are other games and yes there fun but I still like and play quake.

Where do you think these other games started?

Anyway this thread is about Jago's map and this board is about quake, you can tell from the title of the site you see, so why are you here? 
I played your map yesterday night, and it was a real pleasure...I really enjoyed play it. Ammos/health is well balanced, architecture design is really cool, gameplay and lightning effect are very good as well. New monsters are awesome (scorpion, "shielded" enforcer, and particularly the last bot-boss in the final fight)...
Very good job.... Thanks for this great fight !! 
Architecture was pretty much top stuff. Lighting was too bright in some spots and generally was average. The AI aiming on the centroid and Armagon annoyed me--a lot. The constant up/down movement of the details in the floors made the navigation jerky and frustrating. Surprise fiend attack annoyed me when one spawned behind me. Armagon sucked hard on skill 2.

Solution: take out dumb AI aiming, have a more involved end combat per Kell's suggestion, add some armor, take out a bit of health, add some clip brushes to the floor or something to make it smoother, and you should have a really great map. 
Excellent Level, Jago 
RPG's advice is good, though, personally, I liked the fight the centroids gave but I can see how it could be fustrating. 
Cool Map 
good brushwork and texture integration which really should have been highlighted more with better lighting.

gameplay was easy but enjoyable enough (except for the fiend teleporting behind you, that was a bit unfair IMHO).

Map could have done with more clipping though, one of the few maps where I got stuck whilst moving on regular occasions. 
The Link To This Level Doesn't Work 
I tried to download this level using the link provided not the fileplanet link cause I haven't used fileplanet in ages. Anyway the link by the words map download is broken is there a fixed link somewhere thank you 
This seems to be a glitch with FilePlanet. Try loading the link multiple times, it should work. 
FilePlanet Downloads 
If you are using a download manager you will need to by-pass it when you click on the link shown above. For example, with DAP, hold Alt when you click the link. That will take you to the FilePlanet download page and you can then click as normal.

I use DAP and can download the file OK using this method.

If that helps... 
the link no longer works, that's true. This map was uploaded on my previous webhost's server and the file is not present on the new server.

Use the fileplanet link. 
Shameless Thread Bump 
For those who've missed the map when it was released: I've written a small write-up about the map with a few screenshots, it can be found at: 
I just attempted to download the map (to rip the Armagon model from you ;)), and neither of the downloads would link to your zip. 
Ah, Thanks 
it's probably worth another go around in play too! 
Like I said in Mapping Help, I thought this map was built quite solid. Although I agree with some - a little overdetailed, although very inviting. 
I think the detail is great really. I don't think its "overdetailed" by today's standards at all. Actually I find that this level of detail is hard to get to, especially using ikbase.wad, it's not an easy wad to use effectively. Kudos on that. 
Or Maybe 
You could say distracting instead of overdetailed. But that can be a good or bad thing. 
New Download Links 
Since the links in the original post seem to be dead:

shit, that was the wrong map :D

correct links:

Im pretty curious :) 
I Like The Style Of This Map 
Speedbaze/IkBase works well. :)
Makes me wanna map - but Im still making remake map which has taken like 9 months and I still havent finished :( 
Detail Overload 
I know this is going to be a strange thing to say but there is too much detail in this map. To the point that it hinders gameplay with support columns jutting out all over the place and doorways that make me feel like a pinball bouncing off flippers as I try to get through the opening.

A good example of the excessive detail was when a shambler spawned about half way through the map and I backed up into the previous room to get some cover. The previous room had a large pool of water in the middle of the floor which I fell into. I know the pool was detail because I had checked earlier if there was anything in the water and it was just spot lights. The pool could of been covered or removed and it would have made the gameplay more enjoyable. I think there needs to be a balance between detail and actual gameplay foot space.

The use of the textures and the design of the architecture is really well done but it often felt too busy and distracting because there was so much of it everywhere. There were pipes going in all directions, control panels, ledges and a lot of places where nothing really happened. With so many ledges to climb I was sort of expecting to find more secret locations to explore but there was hardly any.

I played the map on skill 0 and 1 and found my first play through the map I ran out of armour really quick and had to back track alot for previous health packs. I really liked the new blue enforcer with the shield, very cool. The idea was very well done but it never posed much danger because the rockets it fired were easy to dodge. I was disappointing to see a vore and shambler in a tech base but the original quake only has two monsters that work with the tech style.

I did not know the 'trick' for the end boss and just died alot. The rockets it fired always tracked me and the lasers just shredded my armour and killed me within seconds. No one in their right mind would circle strafe really close around a huge robot creature and always keep their distance. (which is seems is not the way to kill it!) As many others had said the room needed more cover and variety and not the classic meatclub arena.

Overall it was a fun map to play with alot of detail and effort put into the visuals and architecture but the combat really needed a spark of something extra to make it stand out from the crowd. 
If It's The Boss I Think It Is 
Then there's no "trick" to it. It just takes a lot of pain before dying... 
To Tell The Truth... 
THERE IS a trick.

And it takes no pain at all. 
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