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New Cube Map: Captains Of Industry
It's been a while since I made a map, so I thought I would screw around and make something quick.
Screenshot here:
Download here:

You don't need more than one screenshot since even that little itty bitty screen is larger than the map.

As usual, comments are welcome (especially if they're specific ;) ).
... nice map there pushplay, really darn small tho ;).

A major flaw imho is that you get stuck in some places. That is if you're not paying close attention on where you are going, i.e. walking backwards and stuff... 
That's interesting. Where can you get stuck? 
... getting stuck is prolly a misleading term.
It's more like it's hard to navigate in places. Remind me next time you see me in #tf or #cube, maybe I find some time to show it to you in game... 
getting caught on stuff trying to retreat etc? 
Oh, I See 
I know what areas you're talking about. I tried to make the layout interesting by throwing in a couple of one way gates. Do you not like that? 
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