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Contract Revoked: The Lost Chapters
This information is repeated on the Lost Chapters webpage on my site, with images:

The Theme

Return To Fodrian

Fodrian is a planet. Though it isn't exaclty a medieval version of Coruscant, it is flecked and pitted with numerous cities, some vaster than could ever be fully explored. While the events of Contract Revoked depicted the trial of one lone slipgater, countless other beings have visited this world down the aeons.
Daring individuals frequently invade the library-cities, hoping to steal artifacts of great power and renown.

Written on pages torn out and discarded, filed away in secrecy or scattered to the winds, these are their stories.
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some souls that are responsible for this project are devoured by the wow monster.... so until it hold them we will not see this pack. be eternally patient... 
big time, I wish the WOW servers could take a 1 month break, and we could see if activity online picked up alot again. 
no, necros tore himself away from it for long enough to fix0r stuff. Now it's just a little bit of polish and html.
Only days to go. 
...I just wet my pants... 
Last exam done with on Thursday... just in time to start tearing into Revoked. Neat.

Kell is my God. 
Your book is overdue. 
it's coming ... soon ;) 
How Soon Is Soon? 
(automatic thread reanimation message) 
ehehe nice one!

>(automatic thread reanimation message) 
I'm...not sure :/ Everything content wise is done from my end. I'm just waiting for necros to get back online.
If it's any consolation, the pak is looking to weigh in at ~40mb. Which is a fair chunk I reckon. 
the pak is looking to weigh in at ~40 . . . Which is a fair chunk I reckon.

A fair chunk of what? I'd reckon that's only about 1/3 of a shambler; but if you're talking about sp00ge, then that is surely and uncommonly large amount. 
humm if is 40 mb then is a real big pack!!! coolllllllll many hours off QUAKINGGGGG 
well, there's also the final map that is being compiled atm (or did you get word on that, Kell?). once that's done, and a small tiny bit of code, it will be ready. 
If you're referring to me fullvising, I must disappoint you. I haven't received anything from your first request May 1st.

I've just sent a reply to you regarding this issue. This post is to make sure I get through to you. 
i got the email. :) 
While Wiping Away A Nostlogic Single Tear Of Laughter... 
/Recalls that he sacrificed some of his final study time for fear of not making the deadline.

Funny how things work out sometimes, no? 
...size does matter, don't let anyone fool you by telling you otherwise, I'm relieved!!! 
Hang On... 
So we're just waiting for a necros map to be fullvised?

Argh, another month! :) 
When Is This Going To Be Released? 
I can't wait to play this :) I am itching for a new Quake Adventure! 
is 2006 a good date for release of this pack? [sarcastic] 
Thanks for the indication. :D

Release it now!!!!!! 
I was concerned i wouldn't finish my map to make the deadline for this pack.

Now i'm 1665 brushes into my next map. Perhaps i'll wait to procede further, i would not want to face the wrath of the Servitor races for ridiculing their contest. 
Probably not since my mapping time has been scarce of late. 
info and screenshots:

direct download ( 15.5mb ):

I've also submitted it as news. 
Hmmm, Kell.... 
...downloading right now... more on this later... You're the best.... 
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