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Contract Revoked: The Lost Chapters
This information is repeated on the Lost Chapters webpage on my site, with images:

The Theme

Return To Fodrian

Fodrian is a planet. Though it isn't exaclty a medieval version of Coruscant, it is flecked and pitted with numerous cities, some vaster than could ever be fully explored. While the events of Contract Revoked depicted the trial of one lone slipgater, countless other beings have visited this world down the aeons.
Daring individuals frequently invade the library-cities, hoping to steal artifacts of great power and renown.

Written on pages torn out and discarded, filed away in secrecy or scattered to the winds, these are their stories.
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.wad Policy? 
I was thinking about starting a new topic, but I saw this one and figured it was as good as any (and it saves a new topic).

Anyway: I emailed Kell a while back but never got a response. I was just wondering what his policy was on other people using his .wad files and skyboxes. I wanted to use some of them for a standalone DM project I'm doing with Quake.

BTW - The levels are pretty great! :) 
Drat that lack of edit button.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'd be making maps with the .wad files, but possibly using replacement textures (hi-res, tga or pcx). 
you can use any wad files found on the net w/o any limitation and w/o mailing author etc.

as for the hi res textures, please for quake's sake do not use them..... 
you can use any wad files found on the net w/o any limitation and w/o mailing author etc.

That was quite possibly the most retarded thing I've ever heard you say.

From what it sounds like, Entar is making an engine mod and full on game code change, meaning it's no longer 'Quake', and is instead something new and differant... perhaps Kell doesn't want his work associated with that.

If there's no readme with the wad or nothing about it's use is specified, it's always best to try and get in contact with the original author beforehand. 
well under 'w/o any limitation' i meant just usage of the wad, possibility to edit it etc. maybe that was too wide statement, i agree. of course, any respected programmer/designer will read corresponting txt file and do what's said there, i.e. giving credits etc.
as for the mailing author, well, if there'are special conditions stated in the readme mailing is required of course.
i said that meaning all that conditions, i just lazily thought that entar realizes all that as only truth. of course i constantly keep forgetting that there are a lot of newbies around who don't understand such things ;)

so from your arrogant pov it sounded retarded, but from my pov it was rather advanced and short statement meaning i speak with the person who understand all that netiquette or how u call it ;)

bleh, i hate typing so much.... 
I Promiss Vondur! 
I will play i fteqw :) with no textures...eheheh 
Oops... Found It 
Found the .html file - it's got distribution information in there.

"If you release a map containing any of these textures, I would appreciate a credit."

Will do. 
i just don't want to let this thread to sink in the sands of time....

/me still prays for kellnecros creature to give birth soon 
i�m unger for some Drole... :) 
Almost had a late submission yesterday, but it didn't happen. Pity :(
*Kell continues making teh mess of teh start map... 
kell is alive afterall :)

/me looks to the future with hope 
Hurry hurry hurry I need me some fine quality Quakeage, plz. 
Regarding Time Table... 
How long until you finish the start map ( roughly ) and are able to package a finished product? 
Seven Days 
Only seven days to leave a quake legacy. 
Have you received my email? 
Yes, I'll reply later this evening ( Hard Drive permitting :/ ) 
That Made Me Love ... Uhm Laugh 
For Kell 
AH AH AH !!! I didn't read all the vault, I stopped to 55 but, it's really good... !! Thanks Vondur for this funny piece of cake... ;) 
Have you recieved my email yet? 
Just got it now. Thx :) Reply to follow.
Nice map.

necros: get on the hotdog, dude 
heyyy The lost chapters...??? did anybody found it???

hope some one found it soon :)

then will be!

Aaahhh... Trinca... 
...glad you did it! I didn't wanna play the bugger, but I've been itching to post something like you did... Are the Chapters lost for good? I made func_msgboard my homepage just to see when it comes out... 
Chif Chif 
i miss a new quake map :( dm or sp... 
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