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Terra Thing
I can't take having these maps on my HD anymore. There's supposed to be more of them, and they should have a proper finale, but dammit, I'm so sick and tired of these things.

It's (finally) six, small quake single player maps. They're all dressed up in classic quake themes and textures, classic doom inspired layouts, and gameplay that's kinda amusing at times.

Here's a temp download from (thanks Scampie!)

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No, it's becuase the text is in 8-bit, and your browser is using the wrong 8-bit character set to display cyrillic. In IE, you can set your "encoding" to show cyrillic by right-clicking on the page and choosing KOI8-R. But this will replace accented vowels with cyrillic universally. The ideal solution is to ask the spammer to post in unicode (two bytes per character.) 
i believe the ideal solution would be no spam in the first place. 
Hey Thanks! 
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That only a few of the urls have "humansex". What do the rest hold? 
czg, stop using your spammer friends to give your levels more publicity. 
Bah Humbug, My Plans Foiled Again! 
As Per An Indirect Recommendation By Necros I Played These Maps Again 
And, despite still hating czg with the wrath of a thousand jihads, I have to stress how great this release is.
Small maps with moderate monster count and fun gameplay - oldschool Quake vibe - and varying themes. Most of them apparently even playable from shotgun start. Cool layouts, too.
I'd definitely like to see more of this type of maps instead of the large, 200 monster grindfests or complex concept pieces that have dominated the releases of recent years. 
As Per An Indirect Criticism By Negke I Have To Find Something 
Didn't czg release a version with the skill 1 terra4 exit fixed? Anyone got a zip for that?

Related: (proudly made with free software, that excuses that it looks like that) 
I got a version fixed by Aguirre. 
this is the mythical 5th episode for q1 (apart from being too hard on skilll 0) 
Fixed Terra 4

After getting permission from Aguirre, I've uploaded the fixed version to the above link. 
Thanks Yhe1 
and aguirRe. 
negke sent me a fixed version too (also another fix no terra1), I am gonna use that one if I ever update. 
So I did a pretty half-assed attempt at speedrunning these maps on easy skill with JoeQuake, didn't see any other runs so I figured it'd be a waste to just have the demo files lying on my hd to rot, so why not share them... perhaps someone will even enjoy them.

All maps are played from scratch, no items or weapons from previous levels 
Haven't Watched The Demos Yet, But... 
You have seen and related things? 
Nope, oops. Maybe I should have done a proper search before making a fool of myself... checked out the easy run now though... most of the tricks I came up with had already been used, and I felt clever, hah. Oh well. 
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