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Quake 2 Mapping Contest Results
Results are in for the 2nd Quake 2 map contest at Le Ray's Quake 2 Cafe'!

There were 7 completed maps and here's how they did:
In 1st Place is Le Ray with his map Homichlophobia
In 2nd Place is DOA DEATH JUMP with his map Satanic Arena
In 3rd Place is Sherm with his map User Friendly
In 4th Place is Flash with his map Return to Space Base
In 5th Place is FunkenGrooven with his map Spamalicious
In 6th Place is Retract with his map Eshertowers
In 7th Place is Recon with his map Q2 Caf´┐Ż

Screenshots and downloads for the maps and comments on them can be found at Le Ray's Q2 Cafe'
Le Ray 
Please, next time you submit news, add some more info on the contest, or something to make the news post have some content. The other mods and I discussed for awhile before approving the news due to not having any clue what the contest was or why anyone should even bother looking at the results. 
Errr, you won your own contest? Am I the only one that thinks thats kind of...lame? 
Apparently he wasn't the one judging the maps... at least that was the impression I got from browsing the linked forum threads. 
Sorry About That.. 
Scampie, I'll try to add more info next time, but thanks for adding it.

N.R. Yes, I won the contest, but had nothing to do with the judging. This is my 2nd contest and I placed 3rd in my 1st contest. I don't think it's lame, I just enjoy mapping and enjoy hosting the contests on my forum.

post link to screenshots plz
Im lost at your gifanim hell of a forum 
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