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MethDm2 - Station M
A New Doom3 Deathmatch map from Method.
Gametypes - Deathmatch, Team DM, Tourney and Last Man Standing

Screenshots and Downloads
Screenshots look pretty decent, if a bit blocky... Will have to check this one out. 
After Checking It. 
It is a decent map, but really suffers from the blockiness. Biggest problem I had with it was that he really up-played vertical closeness with all the hallways being 128 units wide, and 172 tall... but didn't really expand any further on the theme, which would have made this map a peice of glorious glory. Another problem I've seen in custom d3 maps and in this... lifts that don't scream out they're lifts and are easy to miss if you don't know they're there.

But really, this is a good d3 map, and I hope to see some more from the author... d3 is in need of some good customs. 
A lot of Doom3 was like that too - I blame the textures. The "sets" are all full of fancy 128x128 walls and not a lot else. The only trims are eye-gougingly detailed with servos and bits everywhere and don't go with any of the walls. 
Thanks for the feedback. The walls are actually 192 units high and most of the players who played my map noticed lifts right away.

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