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Best Quake3 Custom Texture Sets

I was wondering...which are generally the most usable/best custom texture sets for Q3? I sort of missed on mapping for it when it was popular and therefore I don't really know what the good texture sets are. Q3's standard set doesn't really do anything for me...and the one good set I do know of (sock's Egyptian set) has been used quite a bit if I recall correctly.

So let me know which sets have served you well or which have impressed you the most on other maps.
Blitz, you've been told many times before, threads are for discussion, not general questions. There are multiple better places you could have asked this.

But to reply, sock's textures, the hh3 textures, and lunaran's textures from his maps are the most used/popular texture sets for q3. 
The Textures From ... (more Below) 
the textures from qfraggel3 are really nice 
To Clarify 
<Bl1tz> scampie. Best Quake3 texture sets isn't open for discussion?

<Bl1tz> if I put it in GA, it wouldn't be as easily referenced for others

<Bl1tz> it's not like a one answer thing -- I was hoping for like 15-20 replies...and maybe some banter as to why one set is good or why one isn't 
Oh I just love Sock's Egyptian set. And it can be used for non-Egyptian stuff too. Here - a shot of my map:

But anyways I guess you can use whatever pleases you. There are many good sets out there - and at least I like the original Q3A medieval textures too. 
I'll go through the maps I have and list the texture sets I like when I get back.

Off the top my head though :

q-fraggel3 (not used much either)
evil8 (used a lot though)
sock's eyptian stuff (ditto) 
Rorsarch's HH3
A number of Evil Lair choices (I like EQ2)
Sock's techsoc
Lunaran's sets (lun3dmX, RPGDM2, mkoxide)
Than's q2ish industrial ones

Also check out andromeda, arctic, kat's rock textures, and the odd tasty morsel from ydnar. 
Don't Forget 
Rorshach's Lost texture sets. I can't vouch for how 'complete' the sets are, but they haven't been used as much as his HH3 textures. 
Overused == Boring 
i love rhorshach's ivory and most of ydnar's textures (especially the space/alien ones), tho both are very hard to make good use of. 
is the coolest non existing set!

Otherwise I'll vote for rorshach's ones although you generally need to combine sets since most of them aren't that complete... if you want a more complete version of the singlemalt set there are a number of extra textures in my hh3 map. 
Clockwork Droid & Vendetta 
Nuff said! Rorshach owns my pants! 
Give me full set for q3guuth!!!

Everything has been said already otherwise... 
give me guu-cake and I'll give you q3guuth! 
Thanks guys, lots of good suggestions...also I forgot about speedy's Q3 sets, they look pretty good. Thanks. 
Dont Forget 
solid color geometric-style sets! 
Alot of rorshach's sets are too busy for my taste....

You can always use berneyboy's photorealistic set 
most of berneys have to be edited to be useful tho - and around 30% are totally useless. also iirc there was somethng like you arent allowed to change his textures or something. probably somewhere... 
yeah sure, textures from the author of this must be hell good 
I guess I should put up separate .zip's of my texture sets, but since the file size of all my map downloads are 70%-90% textures anyway it's hard to see any point. 
Don't you have textures from those sets which aren't in your maps?

Also, if there are any more useable textures hiding in whatever cranny the RPGDM2 tex were pulled from, might they be released? 
Yeah, probably. I'll have to see what survived the Great Conflagration. 
Steeples His Fingers In The Style Of An Evil Genius, Plotting 
everyone's covered the major ones but there's also Mrclean's industrial set which is pretty good.

And I second the arctic set, techsoc, most the evil sets (e7 and e6 are good too), lun's stuff. 
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