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How Do I Get Multiple Textures Into Yeti3d World Editor?
I know this isn't exactly a game question but there aren't any yeti3d forums or fan pages and I can't get a hold of the author using email. Anyway my question is on the yeti3d world editor.
When I use the import texture set it only allows me to select on .jpg texture to import then it puts it in row #0 it will not allow me to import any other textures for rows #1 - etc. If I try to load another texture it overrides my current texture and once again puts it in row #0. My theory is I some how convert my .jpg textures into one file making them a texture set. I am not sure how to do this. Any ideas how I can do this?

Thanks for your time

Jason Rivard
We have a sticky thread at the top of the page called "Mapping Help." You're supposed to post questions about mapping in it.

Below that is a bit labelled "Discussion Threads." It's only for threads that prompt some kind of discussion, like, on a topic other than what's wrong with your editor.

And what the fuck is Yeti3D? 
i'm not going to close this thread, but please ask this sort of thing in the mapping help thread from now on.

As for yeti3d: The Yeti3D engine is a highly refined CUBE style engine for low end processors without 3D graphics hardware. 
Were You Get Yeti3d Editor? 
were you get yeti3d editor? 
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