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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff
File size limit is 128MB.
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Those shots look really cool - I especially like the curved sewer part - nice work!

If there is a .pts file it means that there is a leak.

If there is a leak, it must be sealed, then your map will run faster and take up less file space. The .pts file is a file containing a line that will show you where the leak is.

When you run qbsp, you will see if there is a leak, and a new pts (pointfile) generated. If you copy the .bsp and the .pts file into your maps directory, then run your map, bring down the console and type 'pointfile', you will be able to see the line that shows you where the leak is. You can just noclip around, find the line, follow it until you find the leak. Then you can adjust your brushwork and seal the leak :) If a map doesn't leak, no .pts file will be generated. 
I flew around your map file, and I loaded the pointfile.

2 things:

1 - My editor (Worldcraft) cites 200+ invalid brushes. So you might want to check for errors.

2 - I see loads of point entities outside the map. You need to keep all of your entities sealed inside from the void, this way you won't get leaks :)

I hope you stick with it, for a first go this is pretty impressive stuff :) 
Quake Saver 
Automap Quake 
Hi everyone, I got bored the other day and decided to program a top-down shooter mod for Quake entirely in CSQC. It's compatible with all Quake mods (and vanilla id1) that don't already use CSQC, though maps are hit-or-miss as to whether or not they look good.

Download newest version (currently 1.5) here:

That page also has console commands and cvars reference, and installation guide. Keep in mind that it REQUIRES FTEQW engine! Darkplaces is untested, and QSS doesn't work.

Work In Progress "Castle Of Doom" 

Here are some screenshots of my new project "castle of doom".
It will have max. 4 Levels in medieval style.
Level 1 is now in beta and was my playground on rotating entitys.
Level 2 is now in alpha and gets its final boss-fight. There is a section with some Escher-stairs inspired by the Lavyrinth.
Level 3 and 4 are build in raw and wait for polishing.

Level 1_1
Level 1_2
Level 1_3
Level 1_4
Level 1_5
Level 1_6
Level 1_7
Level 2_1
Level 2_2
Level 2_3
Level 2_4 
Wow, some very nice shots there. This thing looks to have quite a few huge set pieces. Not surprised at the scale considering your other projects. We should get you progs_dump 3 ASAP. 
Thanks. Yes it's a big set. But this time less to go and more directed. 15 up to 25 Minutes are realistic for the first level. If you want, I can send you a preview to take a look? 
Alkaline Map Screenshots 

Remindes me on Half-Life. 
The dam section in Half Life is one of the major inspirations. The other was the Hoover Dam, more specifically the Battle Of Hoover Dam in Fallout New Vegas. 
Heres A Beta 
The map is close to finished, so heres a beta. 
:D Half-Life 
Haha Yes, can remeber this stage very well.
Will take a look on the map tomorrow. 
Re: Hydromadness 
Found time to play your map.
Like the design and atmosphere but have a clipping problem after the acid pit. 
Castle Of Doom Level_2 Endbattle Screenshots 
The face is pretty cool, makes me think you should have flames in the eye sockets or something. 
Hm. Think you are right, there have to be flames. 
New Progress "castle Of Doom" 
So, Level 2 is nearly beta and now gets last polishing.
In the mean time I started to build the end-fight level.

The screenshots are from the first room.

A nother level is in work too and will be level 3 if I can make this stairs rotate exactly. 
Nice shots. You should fix all the fullbright pixels in those castle textures though.

Also, for the ceilings, try having them vaulted instead of flat. (the supporting arches help but it still feels like the ceilings themselves are flat.) Search for "barrel vault" "groin vault" for examples. 
Thanks looks pretty good, GunSgtHighway! 
Beta-testers Wanted "Castle Of Doom" 
Hi there.

My new mod "castle of doom" is now in early beta.
It's a medieval themed three level mod with trap passages, exploration and fighting arenas.

If you are interested and have time please leave a message or send a mail. 
Castle Od Doom Pictures? 
You should post a few pictures, to show your map... 
Posts above. 
Yep, I want to test your castle map. It seems to be very nice! 
Thanks! Please send me a mail so I can send you a downloadlink. 
Seems interesting, but i cannot get it to work even on FTE like you wrote. At some point the controls become crazy and the guy keeps shooting to the left while looking to any other place.

@GunSgtHighway the episode seems interesting, even though i am a bit worried about the furniture, carts and the like not interfering with the gameplay.

If you need some testers i can apply. 
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