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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff
File size limit is 128MB.
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I Think YOU Should Work On It 
since you can make a great map in a single weekend. 
I Dled It 
and my opinion is unchanged, no spectacular mappage.... move along

wrath: true 
Fair Enough 
I thought it was quite original and well implemented though, each to his own I guess. 
What Is Mappage 
It is indeed original and looks pretty imo 
The lighting is well done. Beyond that, no. 
Lets Try Again 
Iv made a picture of many cool loking map screenshots tiled together. Custom maps from different fps (quake, q3 and ut mostly)
It looks nice, can be your backdrop, give some inspiration or just make you wonder what maps are those.

smallish preview


1280x960 (get this) 
speedy, any chance you could make a list of the maps invovled, I believe there's a few ther that I havent come across before. 
Map Shots 
Those look great, but man do you have to much free time or what? 
Too Much Free Time 
yes, and I love to play with photoshop

Since it was requested by several people, I might make the list of maps I know. There are many betas/unreleased works. 
Wow, Speedy 
Love the 3rd and 5th pix in the first row (in 800x600)! Is it Quake 3? Reminds me of the drawings I used to do when I got bored at school twenty-five years ago! 
Those pics make me wish I'd followed Q3 when it came out. Some really beautiful stuff in there. 
We need a list of what those maps are...I'm going nuts trying to put (file)names to (brush)faces.

And WTF is that mecha looking thing with the spines, 6 across 3 down, it looks farking amazing? 
I'd love a 1600x1200, or larger. :) 

the first map your refer to is nunuk's sparth and i thought I knew the second one, but upon checking it's not what I thought it was. 
Ah, thanx. And it's Q3? Didn't remember (or even know) you could do such cute things with it. Wish I had time to get back to it!
And I also wish someone did a Q3 single player mod! Will that ever happen? 
There is plenty of will, but not enough coders. Just ask Lun about it.

Vile coder scum! 
PH8DM2 Preview 
That's looking very cool. Nice old skool stuff. 
I Like It. 
clean, open and nice. 
Some Guesses 
row 1 (right to left) -

unknown, dubneoc (q3), sparth (q3), endogenous depression (q3 beta), unknown, gmsp1 (q1), unknwon, dm-spiridian (UT)

row 2 -

unknown, unknown, dm-jadedbeauty (ut), ne_sp06 (q1), unknwon, yog3dm4 (q3), unknown, lae3dm1 (q3)

row 3 -

unknown, stolatene mine (q3), unknwon, unknown, unknown, unknown, jaj3dm1 (geocomp entry for q3), unknown

row 4 - ek3dm1 (q3), unknown, dom-amazon (UT), unknown, wvwq3dm2 (q3), unknown, rjldm3 (q3), lae3dm2 (q3)

row 5 - unknown, unknown, unknown, unknwon, unknown, trajectory (q3), unknwon, neh1m9 (q1)

row 6 - charon's q3 geocomp entry, unknwon, unknwon, unknown, unknown, lloyd3dm1 (q3), unknown, SAFE (q3)

row 7 - chartres (q3), unknown, q3wcp21 (q3), unknown, neh3m2 (q1), unknwon, unknown, estatica (q3 beta)

row 8 - unknown, q-fraggel3 (q3), unknown, charon3dm12 (q3), unknwon, dm-modernhistory (ut2003), unknown, unknown 
so much for pushplay saying speed's got spare time!!

you da man nitin! now for confirmation from s. then we can all launch our downloads and fetch what we've drooled over.

As Indicated By The Question Mark 
I said no such thing. 
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