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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff
File size limit is 128MB.
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I can't rotate textures to 63.5 degrees in Quake

I'm pretty sure I have a QBSP that can handle floating point rotations for texture alignment, want to try that?

p.s. you're fucking awesome for even knowing and wanting that. 
i didn't realize that qbsp could make that possible -- so engine support isn't needed? 
I finally got a chance to organize the other images (small/medium/large formats available) for your viewing pleasure and I quickly wrote a bit of waffle about the map for anyone that is interested.

If anyone has a favourite image from the above page, I would be interested to know. 
Even I managed to hack in floating point rotation in qbsp.
It's just replacing an int with a float and an atoi() with an atof(). 
indust_f13 and f14-- that's where I want to be! :D

f01 is nice because it's an angle shot and also has more depth because it lets you see a little down those two side corridors.
also, any shot where the camera is down in the pit looking up. i don't know why but they look cool to me. 
Just the compiler, that's right. So anyone working on modified tools should add that little sucker. It'd be nice if it was a standard feature! 
wouldn't matter too much for me since qe3 clamps angle settings to integers. :)
do other editors do that too? 
That's Right 
What a pain in the ass. Yes, the editor needs to support it too. I forgot about that. GtkR didn't support it either (no surprise) so the version I'm using had to be modified as well.

Hopefully newer editors like Willem's and Sleepywalkr's are allowing for floating point rotations (if not, please add it!) 
only thing i'd add there is some dirt on the ceiling windows, as for the factory they're too clean atm ;)

not as much as here:

but maybe something like this: 
I'm willing to try anything once, maybe twice!

From what I see, GTKR 1.5 .maps do keep the floating point rotation intact, so if it's as easy as using a different Qbsp, that would kind of own. 
At Least, This Is A Sample Brushface 
( 64 64 64 ) ( 64 -64 64 ) ( -64 64 64 ) +1slip 0 0 63.5 1 1 
While this is certainly cool and it would be great if someone could add/change that in BJP's Txqbsp code, I'm also a little sad that Scampie, the lazy fuck, gets away this easily for being with his first Q1SP. 
Err, What 
Not for being. When making! 
Just let me find that sucker. I'll email it to you, assuming the address in your profile is valid. I'm sure mine isn't... hah! 
Editor Support For Floating Point Rotation 
I'm sure you're right in that the .map format supports it. If you're on 1.5 then hopefully the GUI has been updated to work with the floats as well.

If I recall correctly, in 1.4 and earlier builds, the editor would let you set a rotation of say 26.5 and would write it out to the .map... but on re-loading the map (or re-opening the surface inspector for that face, can't remember which) it would round it back to an integer... haha.

Of course, I could be completely wrong about all of this stuff, this is going back > 5 years and my memory is hazy. 
Email Bounced Mr. Scamp 
Anyone got a super temporary location I can upload this crap to? I have some personal webspace somewhere but I don't even have an ftp client. 2012 and I don't even know where to upload shit. HOW DO I INTERNET? 
Gtk1.5 supports floats; even forces them on angles and offset when using texture lock or fit.

Frib: You can upload to (pw: ilovetheshubhub). 
Thanks Negke 
You saved me from rocking ye olde command line ftp. is a fantastic free file host for random crap and stuff. 
Thanks Spirit 
I'll try that one next time it's just a temp thing like this. I'll have to ask to have that file nuked later (this is Willem's site yes?)

Info on the above file:

It identifies itself as TreeQBSP v2.00 -- Modified by Bengt Jardrup

It may or may not support floating point texture rotations. I believe it does, but I didn't test it to confirm this. If anyone finds out either way, pleast let us know.

I didn't modify the code myself, I had a friend do it years ago and I don't have the source or any other documentation to go with it, sorry. (If the change is as simple as czg suggests then I suppose it doesn't matter). 
@necros, I assumed the crane cabin would be popular because it has such an interesting central view. I don't understand the looking up thing, it was mentioned on other sites as being popular as well. Maybe it the light contrast of dark going to light.

@vondur, yep good point, I forgot how dirty the windows can get but then I would be missing the sky! I was tempted to put up some signs around the place, telling employee's to tidy up after themselves! :) 
sock, i think it's more about it being an angle that is abnormal.
first, you're in a position you would not normally expect to be.
second, you have all that crazy ominous shit looming over you like it's going to EAT YOU. 
Looking Up 
@necros, it is certainly odd because I created some screenshots looking down and most people who saw them complained of vertigo and did not like them. As soon as the looking up one's came along people actually said a comment. There is something about the looking up angle and the human brain, but what exactly I don't know. 
well, just guessing here, but it's like that thing how humans used to live in savannas or whatever, so if you have a wide open field and you can see far, you feel safe vs when you are surrounded by shit and everything is towering over you. 

Previously, that bottom edge shown here was far too long to get away with not rotating exactly correct. Thank you so much Fribbles!

Negke: first q1sp... but would be my 19th released Quake series map... not to mention speedmaps (many of which were sp!) 
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