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New Quake 2 Deathmatch
I have a new Quake 2 deathmatch level for you all to check out called Slug Magnet Hell. It is a rather large floater map with plenty of room to move around in.
I'll Just Say What I Have To Say 
This is a pretty map.
Too bad I don't play q2 dm. 
Screenies, Jester, Screenies! 
Quality map as usual from Jester. 
Screenshots can be found here:
Thanks, Jester 
I wont be able to download it for a few days; noone does better looking Q2 work. 
That Looks Very Cool 
especially the lighting. 
Just my opinion, but do we really need another void map, or does this release really toss things up? 
do we really need another atrium map or for that matter another dm map at all? 
If you haven't played the map, don't bother commenting. 
mod double team. high five nitin! 
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