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Das Roboss - SP Mod
Check to get your hands on a new HL2 single-player adventure. This one comes from the author of "Infinite Rift" (an excellent Half-Life sp mod). It features three excellent levels and a rocking finale (you get to control a massive robot :D )

There's a lot of HL2 crap out there so Das Roboss should come as a nice surprise. I was also a part of the beta-testing team (MSandt). Check the site for screenshots.
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Wait. What. 
we are not here to win a popularity contest

You only say that because I'm winning! 
Re: Wait. What. 
This is where we need SA's scrolling LOL .gif. 
You only say that because I'm winning!

You said you win.. errrr... that's your own opinon, but what about others guys opinion ?? I'm not sure everybody here agree with you .... ;) 
of course Friction is winning! 
Wizard Coolie 
Yeh, but don't stop the z_mach else the visuals will definitely warp big time! 
Wrong board. 
how did you manage that? 
Valid Tip Though 
Those damn z_machs. 
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