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New QDM: Alcyone
This is a rather small 1on1 map dressed up in idbase textures.

Download & info:


Looking forward to hear your comments!
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Hylke! omhigosh where have you been! I love you! Let's elope and get married to Von!

P.S. the map is cool, too! 
Kewl Map 
gibbie u rok, scum 
Looks quite snazzy. :) 
gibbie i you rock like boulders

nice map and im glad i got to help you test! 
Damn It Gibx0r 
great map there, on bot aesthetics and gameplay. It absolutely rocks. No nitpicks and no complains here, just a big beer for you! 
Looks nice, but I'm afraid to play it... barely enough room for one person to navigate it! very tight :o 
We have a new champion! Those shots look quite the sex, you! 
Ran Some 1v1 
last night, 2 rounds with Bl1tz and my first impressions are ITS FUN, very fast paced, lots of opportunity to backtrack and catch the other player off guard. A few minor annoyances , which may just be my personal taste are the func_illusion door frames and stair ramps. I understand this if for smooth gameplay purposes but there are some of the same door bits that ARENT illusionary (the larger window type ones) but it would of been perhaps better to make them all the same for the sake of continuity. These wont annoy me so much of course once i've played the map more and learn to expect them and where I can and cannot shoot.

and i know the floor angles are aweseome, but wouldnt it of been perhaps easier and nicer finished effect to make the angled floor patters as a texture? Just my 2c.

oh yeah and I died last night :( 
Sweet Stuff Gibbie, 
mind if I beg you to sprawl the map out a bit and turn it into a single player map. Please? Please? Please? 
As Scamphoe said this map is teh tiny! Looks good and will surely be interesting to play, I'll report back after a duel or 2 on this one.

Thanks for the new map gibbius :D 
Glad you all like it and thanks for the feedback! :) /me si happey

Pope: I had to keep the number of func_illusionaries to a minimum cause i had quite a lot already and if i added more they would sometimes dissapear (kinda like greyflash but for funcs). You're right tho, they should've been func'd for the sake of continuity but it wasn't possible unfortunately :(

Also, about making the angled floor patterns as texture for everywhere, this would result in huge textures and the quality would suffer. I did however make an angled floor texture (which I used for expample at the top floor near lg and at the bottom floor in the main room).

Headthump: I'm not much of a single player fan, sorry :/ It's also too small scale wise I think.

Mr Frib: Yay@! 
Trinca: nice waypoints, the bots play well! Thanks for making them. 
screenies look fantastic!

It's a pity that I don't have quake installed on the PC that I post from. It will be the first map in my download list when I come back home. 
Tried It 
I gave it a go in DMSP2 and it's cramped nature shows very much there.

And if you aren't going to make a single player map out of it release the .map and let one of us do it :D 
I vote in Lunaran :) eheh just chage the name alcysp :) 
obviously it would be called Alcytwo.

...not that I support this effort at all. DM maps are DM. SP maps are SP. fuck off you SPers and let the righteous and good DM crew do their thing. 
Preach it brother Scampie! 
Nice architecture, nice texturing, nice blood traces addition, cool lightning effects, and very interesting architecture and design... Really a nice DM map.. 
You're not in the drunk thread here ! 
... loved everything except the floor (rotation of that texture seems non-sensical). I can imagine some brutal 1v1 matches on this thing, hence the splattered blood from previous matches. Nice work! 
Thanks for comments :)
distrans: Rotating those texs help to define the shapes/architecture better and it is more 'realistic'. What did you want me to do, not align the floor tex at all or something? That would look like crap. 
Hehe... man's crap is another man's pate.

I take your point about helping to define the shape/architecture, and I agree that if the floor was wooden boards or metal grates then rotation would be a must... but these metal "pavers"... I'm still not convinced. 
Easy For Fribs To Rate This Map. 
It's just asking for someone to rule the map with an iron grenade. :D

Still, this map looks awesome. Must play against a human immediately. 
Looks perfect, though a bit tiny. Will be fun 1v1 over internet. 
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