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Inverted Penguin - Quake 3 CPMA Map
Inverted Penguin is Fjoggs' and my submission to the CPMA 2vs2 mapping competition at I think it plays well and doesn't look too shabby. Comments are very appreciated.

Download and screenshots are availible at
HUeuaueua :) 
= crap 
not bad see last night the MH in real low...eheh like the Quad place! and the floor textures with lava.About game play dont now i dont play Quake3...just got game install to see maps...eheeh 
wow!!!!!!! i played an alpha with no textures, graphically speaking this looks amazing!!! textures are wonderful! 
My $0.02 
Overall, nice job on this one! The layout kicks a huge amount of ass; great over-under/multilevel stuff going on and good connectivity. The MH placement is sweet--nice three-point clipping job there on the cave, and two way in is a good thing. Very nice! I also like the various little movement tricks and shortcuts throughout the level--this is one that's just fun to run around, even if you're not fragging.

I certainly wouldn't call the lighting crap--it looks nice, but I think it could maybe use a bit more brightness variation--everything is kinda nicely lit right now, and some darker spots could add a bit more atmosphere, and allow stuff to stand out a bit more (e.g. the blood flowing down the wall; it took me a while to notice it, since it just kinda blended in with everything else. What finally made me notice is thinking "why is the floor funny there?".

Nitpicks: Some spots could have used a bit more detailing--for instance, the texture transition from wall to rock as you're entering the MH cave looks ass--some trim or something would have been nice there. The chainlink tex on the one floor area is scaled up too much and looks odd. I'm not crazy about the tele; I would have been tempted to use that dark circular wall tex by the RL over the RA as a tele and spiff it up a little somehow with some glowy crap or something.

The teledest seems kind of odd, in that you can sit up there and camp the Quad and generally hang out and wait for someone to pop in to meet a rocket. It's not totally without risk, but...

Also, I see that one square protruding light texture in one spot? What's up with that? It seems like some special thing, but doesn't seem to do anything--I initially thought it was a button...

I'm also a little iffy about having RL/RA/RG/+50 all within a couple of seconds of one another, but I'd have to play it to be sure. 
My Take 
I'll only comment on visuals and not gameplay since there's tons beter promode players than me. On first glance though, it does seem to be more of a trick focused map than a layout focused one.

As for the visuals, the texturing is some of the most incohesive that I've seen in a while. There's no sense of gelling between the textures at all, there's numerous spots where two textures next to each clash heavily. But, I suspect that in the lowest picmip setting that promoders like to use, this texture setup actually helps designate areas pretty well. Dont know if that was the intention, but if not, then the texturing should have definitely been worked on.

Lighting's too bright and not contrasty enough, but I can understand why it the way it is given the CPM focus. Same goes for the functional but unoriginal brushwork.

I dont mean to report only negatives, but from a visual sense, it just didnt work for me. 
I told to chop the other day, that this is no doubt the ugliest map I've made. :P

Cheers for the feedback though, appreciate it. ;]

*awaits results*
*tap tap* 
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