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New Q2DM: Strogg Citadel
I released 'Strogg citadel', a dm map for Quake2. The map ships with high resolution textures for engine mods like Quake2maX, Evolved etc. A version without these textures is also available. I hope You'll enjoy it!

Check out some screens:
And download the map itself:

the map is rather nice
though, the symmetrical layout might be confusing w/o strong visual aids 
Thanks man!
I think this is my first visually truly consistent level design. Of course, the simetrical layout is boring; maybe the next one will be more interesting.
At this stage I just wanted to get the skill of finishing a map in time: it took about 20-30 hours to create.
And at the other hand: I wanted to be one of the firsts who create maps with high resolution textures for new q2 engines like Quake2maX, etc.
Anyway, thanks for the comment! 
it took about 20-30 hours to create.
By all means, take your time.

If you work as a level designer in some company, then I guess there's a need to hurry up. If not though, 20-30 hours is a awfully short time!

Haven't tried the map tho. The screens look nice. 
Sure, I'm not working for money. And the 30 hours are the net time. It wasn't made in one day of course. And I meant "finishing in time" that I have to learn feeling when is a level done, and not to wanton with the details, but working by a preconception.
My earlier map took about 1 year (gross) to finsish, there were tons of versions which went to trash, until it was done after hundreds of workhours.
That's what I wanted to learn already, to plan and to create a level in an acceptable time.
Thanks anyway, and try it out with an engine mod if You'll have the opportunity! 
The screenshots do indeed look cool. Perhaps the lighting is slightly flat, though.

Sorry I can't say more, but symmetrical Q2DM maps aren't quite my thing. Good job on what you've done, and I'll be looking forward to your future maps. 
To R. P. G. 
The overall looking intended to be (not flat but) 'simple'. And the level was born in just a few hours, and after seeing the quick progress, I decided not to make it so difficult.
The simmetrical layout was also becuase the quick born: this was an experiment with high resolution textures for top class Q2 engines, and finally, it become a complete map! And many people loved it so I decided to release.
Don't You all find the design a bit Quake-ish? That's why I came here to announce it.
Anyway, thanks your comments, I highly appreciate it!
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