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Q3DM Map: Cybdmpro2 By Cyberdemon
This is Cyberdemon's entry to 2vs2 map contest. It features Evil lair's Quake 3:Arena texture set 8, a Tigger-On Skybox (taked from Rebel_Assault's mythology map), and some custom shaders.

Download & more info:

For the love of QMD!!!! 
i mailed to that dude asking for the screens
but someone approved this news anyway... :( 
His Website 
has screenshots it looks like, but they're all about 80px wide. Why must I keep being needlessly irritated and vocal about this? 
Sorry ^^ 
i approved it -- i figured it's still newsworthy and we'd probably get some screens pretty soon after the thread was active. 
Screens looks very clean and straight-forward, but the map lacks in detail. Whether intentional or not, I can't say I really like it the way it is, but the concept is promising. 
Yes, But ... 
The map is focused on gameplay due to contest objetives:
Maps will be judged on:

Gameplay (70%) - measured by playing and spectating (must be fun and competitive to play, entertaining to watch)

Technical (15%) - measured against fast performance, good use of location names, etc.

Visuals (15%) - measured by judges discretion (must be clear in both vertex0/picmip1 and vertex1/picmip5 configs, visuals should aid navigation)
Layout Wise 
It looks top notch. I just wish the 'professional' players would be able to appreciate better looking maps without sacrificing gameplay. They are out there, they just have to try them.

The screens show a rather bland play space, which for their demands is great, but don't expect many people outside that community to play it very often.

Keep up the good work tho, try making a non pro map with more detail, you've got it in ya. 
"The Screens Show A Rather Bland Play Space" 
prod: Based on what you wrote it sounds like you've only looked at the screenshots and not played the map - yet you make statements about the layout! Comments should be based on something more substantial than pure speculation to be of any value or at least admitted of being no more than guesses derived from insufficient information. 
Hi Everyone 
I'm from moscow, russia and we have a Q3 ClanArena community. We have discovered the map(cybdmpro2) and liked it very much.

And as ProdigyXL wrote:
"The screens show a rather bland play space, which for their demands is great, but don't expect many people outside that community to play it very often." - is not true.

So we play it very often at public russian servers( for example). Also, we play it at 1x1\2x2 tournaments. So i'd like to thank the author. PEACE MUTHUFUCKUZ xD 
But opinion based on unsubstansiated facts is the almost best kind, the news said so.

Personally, I fail to see why you couldn't make a make with more detail that was also 'pro'.

I think the layout is probably quite good and will be played, but it'd be a good fusion of style and substance if either the author or someone else remade it with more focus on graphics while retaining the same gameplay.

Please note, I have neither played it nor looked at the screenshots, therefore this is entirely baseless conjecture (the absolute best kind of opinion, talkshows said so ;) 
3rd Screenshot 
reminds me of cpm4 
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