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New Level Pack For Quake2 By Milous
There's a new, large, Quake 2 "mission pack" out by Milous. The download is 35 megs so I assume that means there's a fair amount of content. Anyway, check out how many links I have in this news entry!!! [edit: only three]


(thanks aguirRe)
Milous's XXX 
was a lot of fun; though the design was a bit basic, it had enough varied monster encounter scenerios to keep the game play interesting. The intro music was wayyy to groovy for human consumption (I mean it was good). 
screens are too small, but still, it reminds me of.... JAGGERNAUT. so i'm not getting it.... and the review at 3dgamersedge says it has poor leveldesign, so i'm not getting it again... 
There's A Review 
Somewhere on this site: 
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