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6 More @ RetroQuake
Posted another 6 reviews, this time for Quake:

* Jawbreaker
* The Terracotta Terror
* Killer Quake Patch
* Crocodile Tears
* ADD2: Scorpion Garrison
* Demise

We spent a little quality time on Tronyn's site this week. :)
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Done, should be in your mail box 
is not just another Quake page! is like a church to Quaker´┐Żs good to have it back! many thks to the team! 
Thanks Again 
I can't say thanks enough for all of the help and kind words you all have gave.

We don't forsee us going anywhere anytime soon but I don't expect us to do 11 reviews a week either. It is our goal to provide an up to date archive for these wonderful games and not let them fade into the void. 
A Tronyn Map Pack 
This summer would be swell. To quote Goodfellas, "It's gonna be a good summer!"

BTW, if you do intend to use the IkBlue map I sent and need me to flesh it out, give me a shout out. 
" Working Full Time Puts A Real Dent In... Basically Everything" 
I agree with this post. 
The Site Is Cool, But All Html? 
Wow, the site is very cool, but its all in HTML. That must be a pain to update! You really need to look into ASP / PHP and some kind of SQL server (M$ SQL or mysql). I'm pretty sure someone will be able to give you a hand. 
I checked my map directory, and I didn't found Underwater element map. I was pretty sure to have it. Sorry... 
lol, Underwater element

The Underworld Element

I agree. When I first started the site 3 years ago I was just really learning html and had plans to learn one of the new languages but things changed for me (divorce, losing my computer, ect..) so now I'm back at square one.

I have it set up so it's not to hard to update but it would be nice to have asp or php.Hopefully in the near future I can start learning one of them. 
Yes, nice misspelling ;) 
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