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3 Q2 Reviews @ RetroQuake
RetroQuake has posted 3 more reviews for Quake2:

First Strike
Exterior Infiltration
Death is not worth trying

Come and see,
Pirst fost.

What are the levels in the site logo? 
Exterior Infiltration 
now thats a classic, I really like that one. 
Lets see if you can figure it out Vigil. 
Let Me Take A Try -- 
First one, Kona, possibly Aquamarine, or Autumn Haunting,
Second one, a custom progs.dat test -- Killer, in e3m1.
Third one, wild stab here, wonderer of the wasteland, Nehahra?
forth one is a bit too dark for any shapes to stand out. 
No, No 
the first one is from the slipgate complex 
No, No 
the second one is from the slipgate complex 
1. Kona's Autumn Haunting
2. Custom weapon mod in E1m1
3. Vigil's Artemis Systems Net from Nehahra 
Ah, No Forth! 
my eyes tricked me into dividing the last picture into two. 
Good job Ionous! The weapons mod in E1M1 is the gatling gun mod. Great weapon, doesn't leave much of your target left.

The shots we're supposed to represent the 3 areas we cover: Levels, mods, conversions. 
I think my Kona guess was wrong.

Isn't it from his Q2 level Nightmare Orchards? 
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