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Quake Expo 2003
note: this was posted by FrikaC over at Inside 3D, i thought it would be useful for us here as i know a number of you are planning to hopefully release stuff, and also to have a thread for Qexpo 2003 here. Its all his stuff, i am just copying and pasting and being of service. I suggest you contact him (FrikaC) directly with any questions you have. [UWF]

4/26/03 18:57
Quake Expo 2003: The Plan

The projected time period of the event is July 6th thru July 12th, 2003.

The site and booths will be hosted on

The site design will be selected by nane, designer of the original site. He has a few choices to choose from, but I suspect he will choose his own (new) design.

The booth script is being done by SantaClaws. I am relying on you Santa, wherever you are, I would like a report of your progress.

The event will focus on Quake 1 and Quake 1 based games exclusively.

This so far is all that has been decided.
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Oh And Cheers Distrans, 
for posting the link!

:o we got a super cool domain this time i see! :) 
You want the maps before qexpo probably, eh? 
Always A Pleasure Necros... 
Coagula Contest 2 Maps 
Anyone who wants to send me maps, please do: 
I've begun my long and painful final compile. 
Are you setting up a booth to release the pak? 
Tyrann, Yes ....i Have Signed Up For A Booth 
however i am very busy in "real life" at present so i am not quite sure how/when things will go.

I should be able to find some time though, to do a decent booth for the Expo. =) 
My vising has been at 32% for over 24 hours now. Is that a bad sign? 
That Is A Coagula Sign 
Qexpo Speedmapping 
Just a heads up for all you mappers, there are two speedmapping events being run during Qexpo. The first will be a SP quake turtlemap, from saturday til friday, and the theme will be announced on the saturday. The second will be a MP speedmap, on the friday evening. That way, both competitions should be finished in time for the maps to be released during Qexpo. Can we have a quick show of hands as to how much interest there is in either/both of these? 
I'll Do The Turtle Map. 
yes i will... i think. 
im definately up for both 
Don't Know 
I will try to - but don't think I have the time! 
is that basically when you make a map in a really short amount of time?

mite give it a go :) 
Yes It Is. 
and good for you. ;) 
In Case Anyone Is Wondering, 
there's something about 'half days' for opening and closing days, therefore, qexpo will start in about one hour from the time of this posting. (i think). 
what the hell is the 621/621 screenshot at your Qexpo booth?

I am assuming its your respawn mod.

"621/621" in A Quake 1 screenshot = Fun. (to me)

No Respawn There... 
truthfully. those were really put in the map from the editor. 
respawning monsters can't affect the monster total because after the game starts the client won't accept changes to it. 
actually, you can change monster count easily.

total_monsters = total_monsters + 1;

i actually had to code an extra bit to stop the respawned monsters from counting, so only the first, original monster counts in the kills, all respawns don't. :) 
yes, but i thought the client ignored those messages after the game began. 
but, you have to remember to put it:

WriteLong (MSG_BROADCAST, total_monsters);

to make sure it gets updated, otherwise, yes, you are right, simply changing the var does nothing. 
Just To Let You Know 
I`m releasing a map pretty soon (screenshots were posted about a year ago on my page :)).

Will not take part in speedmapping - the timing is bad for me. And not participating in TM either. Got to finish my old maps.

Hope to see alot of good maps and mods from you guys. Like in good old skool days ! 
doh, why didn't i think of that? :P 
the mission pack one's func_spawn stuff do that :) 
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