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Quake Expo 2003
note: this was posted by FrikaC over at Inside 3D, i thought it would be useful for us here as i know a number of you are planning to hopefully release stuff, and also to have a thread for Qexpo 2003 here. Its all his stuff, i am just copying and pasting and being of service. I suggest you contact him (FrikaC) directly with any questions you have. [UWF]

4/26/03 18:57
Quake Expo 2003: The Plan

The projected time period of the event is July 6th thru July 12th, 2003.

The site and booths will be hosted on

The site design will be selected by nane, designer of the original site. He has a few choices to choose from, but I suspect he will choose his own (new) design.

The booth script is being done by SantaClaws. I am relying on you Santa, wherever you are, I would like a report of your progress.

The event will focus on Quake 1 and Quake 1 based games exclusively.

This so far is all that has been decided.
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This would be a good excuse to delay the release of the map(s) I'm working on even longer....

YAY! Long live QExpo! ;) 
i`m forced to do things now :) 
if you release anything, I`ll be forced to play it :) 
"if you release anything, I`ll be forced to play it :)"

Me too !! 
actually i hope to be ready for july, so, polish your mousepads, duders :>

but if i fail, i`ll suck officially.... 
dont worry, I`m polishing my keyboard :) 
where u got polish mousepad, from missYou ?

. nitin is a lowly keyboard player ! 
Reminder For Vondur.... 
Remember to make your new map speedrunning friendly! We crave for your map on SDA :-) 
i do remember that, and i remember that you`ll betatest it by your hot heels ... :) 
Oh My Oh My.... 
Elite! :-) 
I`m polishing my dome. 
I dont care what you call it, just put it back into your pants. 
lol wrath.

For QExpo, I've got Soldat, Battle Mech, and Galactix definately coming out, as well as whatever other projects happen to get worked on.

We have a site design concept to show off, if you're interested:
Who knows what's been decided beyond that though.

We've also got some Quake comics that will be released during the event. Here's one that's doing well and I'm particularly fond of:

I'm really looking forward to you guys' releases during QExpo. Y'all have always provided excellent maps in the past, and your contributions to the event will be very desirable! 
thanks for the bump underworldfan, i myself want to keep this in the minds of all the quakers out there who are actually productive, and then us folk who like to enjoy others productivity =) 
are you new to the quake community i havent seen your name around before?

Or are you just someone i might have heard of *lurking behind* [like a fiend lurks behind a door] an unfamiliar name? =) 
im new as in posting here, but i hang around #qc on irc, have been since it was #botepidemic, and i post on inside3d some, i also used to post at the ai cafe when it had a messageboard. im usually quiet, but ive been keeping an eye around on things since mid 96 =)
playing the test versions on me old 486 at the time. Ive been scar3crow the whole time, but Im one of those people who cant seem to settle into a particular editor, and has no problem with thinking like a coder, but cant seem to learn syntax properly. and as customary with me, as anyone in #qc or at i3d will tell you, dont cap the s in my nick (im a stickler for the asthetics of its flow =) 
Scar3crow's Been Here For Ages 
We've been trying to corner him and make him release something but he just likes to play. And that's actually good, since we like beta-testers with good sense (the pickins is slim these days).

Speaking of which, scar3crow, I'd love to get your personal opinion on some of my QExpo mods, namingly Battle Mech, Galactix, and Soldat.

E-mail me at static_void @ hotmail DOT com if you're interested. (BTW, I only get to check e-mail once a week during summer, so don't worry if I don't reply before Wednesday).

Anyone interested in playing or mapping for these mods please contact me (QExpo rapidly aproacheth). I'll give you a good little beta and some thorough mapping entity documentation. 
The design for QEXPO is nice, but remove the trendwhore .:

And the collage at the top right should go unless it were to be done better.. don't ask me how because then I'd have to elaborate and I'd end up redesigning the entire site :\

Likin' the logo... 
You mean the corporate conference looking design? I hate it, tbh. The last thing I want for a Quake 1 celebratory event is for it to look 'sleek' and 'trendy'. It's Quake ffs; it should look like...Quake.

Well Its All Going Anyway.... 
I made the above site without knowing that nane had already made a design for the expo, i've put it up here:

i like it better than mine anyway :)
though i would have liked it if the logo i made got used 
nane's design is excellent, i have a feeling Kell will like it too. =) 
Nanes Design 
Is much more suited. Tho, theres bevels on the top and bottom metal curves - and not on the side columns. It's good to keep things consistent. I'd also have mouseover color changes on the font links - it's better on the visitors eye/brain.

And being the webwhore I am, I'd of done all that rust by hand, lol.

Oh, not sure about using GIF. They load funky, and a JPG will load quicker. As long as you can find a balance in quality/compression, use JPG. 
Yaaaay Nane! 
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