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Original Thought (doctorate?)
in short: have you ever had an idea for gaming that you where really proud of and that you wanted to keep secret untill you where happy enough to let it loose? i don't just mean, have this hallway like this or make a monster like this. i mean something a bit more radical. like perhaps a unique game mode or engine feature that developers never thought of or just gave up on...
i'm not posting this out of my own experience. i just want to start maybe a discussion on things we have seen (maps, engines, add-ons) and have their respective creators say how they got the idea, and how it changed and so on. you can talk about things you are doing now. unless you take ages to complete them i doubt anyone would want to copy it to get there before you. i hope not anyway...
forgot to tell you your rights. you have the right to remain silent. nobody will notice anyway...we cant hear your voice (i mean audio)
you have the right to speak to your attorney but you can't sue me (i need the money for a car so wait a couple years at least).
you have the right to flame me for posting post 1 of this: i admit to that...sob! 
There is no original thought

(check the trendy nihilism :) 
for nesp06, the original dragon model i planned to use was the one that showed up in SoE. so, not wanting to look stupid, i grabbed at the DoE dragon instead. yeah. 
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