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Dm_ortho For HL2DM Released!
Hey everybody, here is my latest mapping effort for you all to enjoy.

dm_ortho was named boringly enough for the orthographical windows in any map editor, but ended up taking a painfully ironic meaning, as I went to the ER at 4 in the morning for extreme dental pain a few weeks ago.


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What DaZ said.

Getting 404 on all links 
Blitz got upset ande killed it 
its 404 now 
Screenies are rather dark! Looking sexy tho! Nice lights. Too bad i don't have HL2 :/ 
screenies look cool! Too bad I don't have a comp that could run HL2, or money currently to buy one.

Well, actually they're 404 for me. :P 
<Paintingbler> enough already
<Paintingbler> where the hell is blitz and his map?
<Asaki> <Asaki> He shot himself in front of his parents.
<Asaki> <czgAway> fuckin awesome
<Asaki> <Asaki> Splattered his brains all over their TV dinners.
<Asaki> <
<Paintingbler> seriously?
<Asaki> Yep.
<Paintingbler> blitz killed himself because i kept moaning about the red lights in his map?
<Asaki> Yeah.
<Paintingbler> oh 
I Offer My Condolences To His Family. 
*** Bl1tz|zzz ( joined

<@Bl1tz|zzz> laffffo 
It's Fixed Now 
I took some deep breaths. 
But I Still Hate The First 6 Posters With An Eternal Flame Of Fire 
ok blitz, I derailed this effectively enough...

seriously, what do you guys think?

I played this map on a lan with a friend yesterday, and it played rather well for 1on1 (looked nice too!). Do you guys think it could be adopted for tournament play? I'm no veteran of HL2DM, but from what I understand, the scene is deficient in high-quality custom maps...

just my 2c 
What They Said... 
Seriously though, although I think you should have made the last few tweaks (although for some reason it seems a bit less gloomy this morning), overall it is a really good map. The second best reasonably sized HL2DM map I've seen after Overflow - when I was going through my massive HL2DM custom map download spazz attack, I'd have been very relieved to find something like this.

I don't see any reason why this shouldn't be in regular play - including tournament play.

Oh and again, well done for getting a good map made. Respect. 
Maginot Line? 
did you use that as the inspiration? 
[in reply to bambuz] 
well this is rather good level. it has right hl2 feel. jump pad was made rather realistic so it didn't remind q3 ;) i still don't understand the purpose of the structure. it didn't look like some sewer or something, there was no strong consistensy, but overall it added some abandoned industrial feeling which should be enough for general hl2 fan. also, it should play well in 1v1 mode i think: alot of narrow corridors and nice camping spots.
blitz u rock, keep on levelediting and your next map will be proper hl2 sp, i know it ;) 
But I Still Hate The First 6 Posters With An Eternal Flame Of Fire

Bump For Public Server Availablity 
You can now play my map here

The server is in the UK, so that's a plus for the good majority of you British Isle func_ers.

To vote the map into play, type 'listmaps' in the console and then 'votemap dm_ortho' or if it has a corresponding number, votemap # (I forget already)

Has this map gotten reviewed anywhere? 
There is only one HL2DM review site to my knowledge and it got rejected lol 
On what grounds? 
And I Quote 
"I think the layout has potential, but I don't think the map has received the amount of polish characteristic of Valve's official maps and of other maps on the site. For instance, there are just a few textures that dominate the entire map, and the geometry in the map's corridors is very simplistic."

It's COMPLETELY unlike the greyish, detail-heavy prison level Valve put out... </sarcasm> 
blitz is the victim of the arrogant elitists 
Start your own review site and review your map as the first review. Then ask guests to do all the subsequent reviews for the site. 
The Problem Is. 
That quote from the review site (which I visited), it's not that it's elitist, which would be fine, it's that it's hypocritical bullshit. This level pisses on the ultra-boring Valve maps that that quote mis-claims are any benchmark of quality.

And whilst it could be more polished, it pisses on a fair few custom maps they've reviewed. Stalkyard anyone?? *YAWN*. And the corridor thing, there's not that many fucking corridors in the map UNLIKE the average Valve / custom map shite-a-thon.

Basically, they don't like it because it's not some tedious sprawling 32-player direct rip-off of some section of the SP architecture where the only feasible gameplay method is hammering the sprint key a dozen times to get across the map and find some obscure camping spot. This one actually has interconnectivity, a LAYOUT FFS, and proper action.

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