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13 @ RetroQuake
Major update this morning at RetroQuake. It's a long list so come by and see.
love the redesign, but would like to see more Q1 reviews :-)) (than q2 ones at least:)

keep it up! 
We try to mix it up but right now my focus is mostly on Q2 because I'm trying to restore some of the older Q2 maps that have suffered the dead link syndrome. I believe Marius is heading up the Q1 dept. at the moment. 
it's nice see another quake maps review site. btw you need to review a lot of maps =)

And yes, you need more Q1sp reviews 
Keep Good Work Guys ~:) 
U got a infinit work :) eeheheh thks god! keep it up! Ultramarine is greatttttttttttt what happend to Kona??? no mapping anymore? 
We should all beg Kona to come back. 
...he left? 
From what I know, [Kona] has been out of the scene for a couple of years now. 
nice to see i didn't get any of the blame for Amari Aliquid. 
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