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New World Order, Government, Etc.
First, don't tell me this isn't a gaming discussion thread and that it has no place here, because there are several non-gaming discussion threads. Second, this is important for everyone.

What do you think about this?

New World Order -- it is stated that there are many skeptics of such a conspiracy, but that skepticism is expected by the Illuminati/government and is part of their plan for world domination. Paper currency will be gone and replaced with credit - 1 form of currency. Nobody will privately be able to own firearms. Anyone that does is an outlaw. Also speculated that diseases are manufactured to thin the population. West Nile, AIDS, anyone?

There is also mention of underground cities being built, mind-programming, humans and aliens (not illegal aliens, space aliens)... while the aliens bit seems far out there -- who fucking knows. I for one do not doubt the NWO plan. It has been going on for centuries -- it is believed every war was orchestrated for a purpose, and this NWO plays a part in it.

This stuff also involves the G8 (which I am not real familiar with I just know it is some government organization) -- unfortunately New Zealand is a part of the G8 from what I read, and I always had it in my mind I would move to NZ someday to get the fuck out of America before shit really starts going down. Now I don't know. How about Mexico?...

Scary, scary stuff.
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you own. thanks for pointing out the obvious G8 absurdity. 
Oh Man, 
Isn't there some term for an arguement which contains an automatic denouncement of the opposing perspective?

"There are no aliens abducting people" <--- "You're part of the government coverup!"

"Christianity isn't literally true, you know" <--- "the devil wants you to think that!"

"Conspiracy theories this vast and disorganized are more likely a product of paranoia than a reflection of reality" <--- "You've been programmed to think that, it's an automatically conditioned response!"

I believe the CIA abandoned project MK-Ultra because they deemed mind control, at the time, did not have a stable, predictable or remotely useful success rate. Or that's what they *said* anyway (cue evil music).

Of course, I do believe that giant and powerful organizations like governments and corporations use propaganda to manipulate public opinion; I think most people would agree that that's realistic, and there are historical examples from the French Revolution to Hitler. However, as a history student, what I've basically learned is, that social forces are really just a series of groups all acting in their own interests. The idea of one "super-group" that has the resources and ability to manipulate the entire world seems absurd. If they did have this ability, what would be their goal? Obviously, most groups want power and to impose their philosophy/agenda on others, but there are too many competing groups/agendas/ideologies even today, for such a thing to be real.

My advice is, depending on the country and financial situation you are in, this may or may not be practical, but if you really want to learn this stuff, go to university and take history, political science, philosophy, psychology and so forth. Some people there are fairly crazy, you may run into a wacky marxist or two, but on the whole the experience will provide you with the tools and knowledge to make informed judgements on such things.

I really like and agree with post #8 
'You May Run Into A Wacky Marxist Or Two' 
Down here, it's the varsity anarcho-libertarians you have to watch out for. Mind you, they're just as pimply-witted as the socialist-communist loons; two buttocks of one bum. Bloody teenagers.

And as for conspiracy theories...
for good measure. 
Tronyn... might be thinking of "affirming the consequent".

P1: If you are part of a government coverup then you would say that there are no aliens abducting people.
P2: You do say that there are no aliens abducting people.
C: You are part of a government coverup

If one believes this is a valid form of argumentation then you'll have to agree that the following is also a valid argument:

P1: If the moon is made of green cheese then the US has lied to the world
P2: The US has lied to the world
C: The moon is made of green cheese.

I hope no-one here thinks the second is a valid argument... but it's only a hope :) 
In 1948, Thomas Banyacya accepted the task of warning the world of the events foretold in the Hopi prophecies. The Hopi's, he says, had been instructed to seek a "house of mica" (glass) that would stand on the eastern shore of Turtle Island (the US). The Hopi's saw the UN building in New York as the house of mica. Beginning in 1949, they sought entry to its assembly to: 1) look for their True White Brother, 2) seek justice for Indian brothers and sisters and good people everywhere, and 3) warn leaders of the coming purification. In 1992 and again in 1993 they were able to deliver their prophecies.

Hopi legend speaks of the Pahana, or the True White Brother, who once lived with the people and would return in the time of Koyaanisquatsi, when the world was beset by fearful troubles and chaos. Then He would unite the broken tribes and reestablish balance and harmony. 
No Satire 
It's True 
all of it. 
How A Meme Kills Discussion 1.1 
Fuck Yourself, Bot. 
Feel it in the one drop;
And we'll still find time to rap;
We're makin' the one stop,
The generation gap;
Now feel this drumbeat
As it beats within,
Playin' a riddim,
Resisting against the system, ooh-wee! 
Fuck You! 
rasta won't no change. 
I Just Read The Whole Discussion 
The world is full of crazy...

... Or I've just been indoctrinated by the NWO. 
You Are One Of Them!! 
Choose Wisely 
I Wonder 
if foggy bogbottom trigggered something down in chesapeake bay. 
English Version

When naming my AD map, this name was randomized by an algorythm which added bog at the middle.I had no clue back then. So... 
Out From The Left Field! 
Wow this topic is kinda out of nowhere. been around for some time to I see. 
I'm A Reptilian 
Wait What Why Was This Thread Necromanced? 
Oh Drunk MFX? 
Which Gigantic Cock-end Bumped This Thread. 
Worst thread EVAR. 
I Feel Guilty 
a bit... 
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