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Cardigan Releases Estatica
Cardigan has released his latest Quake 3 map, "Estatica." It's a clever concept and the map looks very polished, but be warned that the system specs needed to run the map [well] are higher than typical for Quake 3:

A quick warning - this map is targeted at machines packing at least a Geforce2 and equivalent processor. 64MB vid mem will probably be necessary to run with full texture detail.

info and screens:
download (12.2 MB):
sans music (8.1 MB):
wow, this map is awesome!! 
this is gorgeous, just gorgeous... my GF 2 screams tho` with its meager 32mb... so after I had a real nice look, I lowered the textures to pretty much nil and had a fucking blast on it...

I`d say it looks better than it plays, but since I`ve only been vs bots I cannot say for sure... if you pass this one off your missing out. 
yep it does look better than it plays but the look is easily one of the most creative and original that I`ve seen with the q3 engine so far.

oh, and I have a p3-733 with a gf2 ti200 (64 mb ram) and this ran reasonably well. I think it uses up a lot of texture memory, the r-speeds dont seem that bad. 
Textures And Geometry Are Superb 
i don't really PLAY quake3, so i can't comment on the gameplay. But it looks like a good layout and stuff. 
I thought the lighting was quite damn impressive. 
yes it was. I didn't mean to criticize it by omission! 
Nothing To Say But ... 
This map is very original and have a good style I love it ! :))) Continue ! I ask myself if I m playing in quake III when i test your map ! 
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